Integrated to go with Merlin monitors

I am looking for an integrated ($1,ooo-2,000) to go with the Merlin tsm's- if anyone has found a really sucessful combination, including cable and front-end.
thanks in advance for the feedback-Adam
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You might want to ask Bobby at Merlin. He can usually provide some options of equipment that he has heard and liked with his speakers. Rich Brkich at Signature Sound may also have some suggestions.

I'm sure there are many, but I know Merlin appears at shows with Rogue and Joule/Electra...both of those companies make an integrated that would fall into your price range (used...maybe new too, I'm not sure).
Adam, I have used a Rega Mira 2000 to drive the TSMs and it sounds great. to Bobby about the Rogue Tempest.
VAC Avatar would be very nice.
i would definitely go for the Sim Audio Moon I5 integrated. That is what merlin uses to power them at shows. It really really goes well with the speakers and they are very component sensitive. Thats what i would do.... Also irrespective the I5 is a great amp even when not used with Merlins. Check out the delve audio web site that has specific successful systems posted.....
Audio Analogue Puccini OR the

inexpensive but synergistic match Jolida 302 integrated amp!
I 2nd or 3rd the talk to Bobby coment, he is one of the only serious/sane audio person I have ever met. We went to dinner after a show/meeting and he was comenting how much he felt the Rogue gear was excellent for the money(others know how I feel about that gear, I DON'T LIKE IT-but that's me), I am sure he has some insight on EVERYTHING you asked and more! He will want you to do more speaker placement tweeks, and room treatment, just plop the amp between the speakers and then start moving the speakers to make them sound good!

For the record we where listening to a super set up, consisting of Merlin VSM-me, the bestline of Harmonic Technology Cables, Convergent Audio Technology-CAT-(stereo tube amp-similar to the JL-1 only 2 channel, and preamp), VPI TNT HotRod Turntable with all the toys. All in a welly treated room, one of the 'cheaper' set-up's(minus the CAT gear!) that actually sounded good to me. I must have pestered Bobby for 2 hours and he answered all of my questions with great enthusiasm.

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I too have spoken with Bobby P. about synergystic amps (including integrated amps) for the Merlin TSM-Ms. I can tell you I've owned and listened to several, including the I-5, Electrocompaniet ECI-3, Audio Analogue Puccini SE (which Bobby loves), Rogue pre 99 and power 88 combo (still own this set), and the Magnum Dynalab MD-208 receiver (powered by SimAudio amp design). To me, the Rogue gear produced the most romantic and realistic sound. I am now using the Magnum MD-208 receiver and find it also to be a good match - and the tuner section is awesome. The I-5 is very good, and more clinical than the ECI-3. The ECI-3 is a bit more "tubey" sounding, but not as dynamic and airy as the I-5. If you must have an integrated, I would seriously consider the Rogue Tempest, followed by the SimAudio Moon I-5. If you can spring the extra cash - get the Rogue 99 and 88 combo. The highly touted Bel Canto EVo 200.2 was not a good match for the Merlins to my ears. Good luck -
Denvelle, good to hear you've continued to buy, sell and experiment. You sold the Rogue gear and got an MD-208? More Simaudio amplififcation, eh? I'm still enjoying my Blue Circle pieces.

Wombat, if it's integrateds you're looking for I would as Denvelle suggest look into the Rogue Tempest. I think the tube architecture of the Tempest might compliment the Merlins better than a solid state integrated.