Integrated to go with KEF LS50

I am looking for a good integrated amp to pair with KEF LS50 speakers and
Dynaudio X32 speakers. I have Primaluna separates that are 45 or so watts per
channel) but sometimes want to just go in and fire up the old stereo and start
listening instead of warm up time etc. My Primaluna sounds great with the
majority of my music (acoustic, folk, jazz) but sometimes I would like to play
some King Crimson of something harder or not so well recorded. Any
recommendation on an integrated amp (I only have one shelf available) that would
work. Both of these speakers are around 86 db so more power would be great. I am
trying to keep it in the 2000.00 or less price range for new or used. I mainly
listen to cds through a Marantz 6005 cd player. Would an integrated be a smart
move. New to the site and saw so much for sale by members I just thought I would
ask. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. I am in Oklahoma so not much
chance of listening in any stores. Open to offers from members with equipment
for sale. Thanks.
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Most SS amps will make your ears bleed with these.
NAD house sound is safest bet if you can't compare.
Schubert makes a good suggestion with NAD. The C326BEE or 356BEE would be good choices. The Marantz PM8005 or PM6005 should work well especially with your Marantz cdp.

You might want to check out the Arcam FMJ A19. It is known to be a great match with the LS50. Arcam used the A19/LS50 combo at shows and What HiFi recommends the match. I've had the A19 for a bit over a year now and really enjoy it.
A friend is using a Peachtree Audio 125wpc integrated. I think he paid around 1200.00 for the amp and it sounds excellent with his LS50 speakers.
Thanks guys for the help. Going to do some rethinking on this.
Hegel h300
I've been searching for an integrated lately also. I was looking for an all in one package since I needed a dac, pre amp and amp. I missed a Wyred 4 Sound Mint for $850, a Peachtree Nova 125 for $680 and then pulled the trigger on a Nova Pre / 220 combo for $900 (Thanks Mike, "Tweek Geek") All were found here on Audiogon.

Not sure if you are needing a dac or not, but there is a Hegel 150 for $1500 here on Audiogon...for now ;)
B_limo thanks. I have actually been looking at the Hegel stuff. Do not see the 150. I see the 100. The 70 has dac but I wanted more power. Considering the 100 but would like to have digital inputs like the 70.
I've got a great luxman integrated for sale! Plenty of power and drive yet maintaining excellent total balance.
My friend and I both had Luxman amps before and one channel kept going out on mine and his. This was 80's Luxman but makes me kind of leery of Luxman stuff. It did sound good when it was working however.
Another option, instead of an integrated, that I use for my office setup is the Benchmark DAC2. This unit can be used as a digital pre-amp. That is you can plug your CD player, computer, and other digital inputs into it. It also has an analog input for something like an analog Tuner. The output of the DAC goes directly into a amp. I am using the Parasound A23 amp ($900 new, I paid $500 on eBay). This amp is what KEF has been demoing the KEF LS50 speakers with at shows. It sounds great, stunning if you consider the price. My amps are connected to my LS50 with Audience conductor speaker wires (I think that is the name). I got those on A'Gon for about $150. All this can be done USED for under $2000 from A'Gon or eBay (excluding the LS50's).

The volume control is on the DAC2. Just like an integrated.

There are many other DACs that you can configure the same setup. I plan on buying the PS Audio Direct Stream DAC for my main living room system to pair with KEF Blades later in the year.
Icecream I would love the Hegel 300 but that is out of my price range. Looking at the Hegel 80 now.
Sounds like we share some similar musical tastes. I use Prima Luna amps in two of my systems and the speakers involved are Ascend Acoustic Sierra 1 monitors and Opera Platea floor standers.

For yuks, I recently swapped in a Rega Brio integrated amplifier that I picked up for $600 new ($895 list), so I could add a turntable to the mix. The Brio has power to spare and is as enjoyable as the Prima Lunas.

I would consider it with the speakers you have.

I have heard good things about the Rega Brio. I will look into
It. Right now I am leaning towards the Hegel H70, H100 or the H80. Any thoughts on those?
Thanks Yyzsantabarbara for the info. I have a Emotiva XDA-2 DAC and don't care too much for the sound. Too bright. I wonder how a Benchmark DAC2 would sound with my Primaluna Dialogue 5 Power Amp? Use the Benchmark as the preamp coupled with the Primaluna.
I just went through this decision process.

I have KEF LS50 and paired them with Parasound P5 and Parasound A23 amp. Its a nice combo for the price and confirmed that KEF uses in their show demos.

I also had a chance to try NAD 375BEE with the speakers.

The main differences, the NAD has a lot of low end power. Its amazing how much bass the LS50s can produce with the NAD amp. However, I found the resolution and "openness" of the sound to be better with the Parasound gear.

I was adding a sub and so decided to stick with Parasound.

If i was not adding a sub, I think NAD is a great bang for the buck.

Well below 2k even if the optional DAC.
I have run both the Wyred4Sound mInt and the Rogue Sphinx with my LS50s and like both. The Sphinx is particularly well matched, and I like the sound of the tub preamp. The W4S has a fantastic DAC. The Sphinx has a very solid phono stage. You can't go wrong with either.
My dealer who sold me the KEFs recommended Hegel. I did not hear the two together though. I have the Arcam A19 which does well - nice match, as has already been said here. I'll just say that these speakers are not considered 'reference' on a whim. My dealer auditioned them for me on a $10k class 'A' (not stereophile classifications but type of amplifier) and the sound was amazing in every get the best you can get! The speakers will play along.
Trying to decide between Hegek 70' 80 or 100. The 70 and 100 are earlier models. The h80 is the newest. These 3 fit my price range as does the Wyred 4 Sound. In Oklahoma no one carries either brand. Is there a big step up going to the Hegel H80 over the. H70 or H100 besides an updated DAC.
Exposure 3010 S2 or Roksan Kandy K2 integrateds should do the job you ask for and sounds fine with both brands of speakers you have.Roksan sounds bit smoother than Exposure.You cant get wrong.Maybe Hegel H200 second hand?
I like the Hegel but now I am thinking about a good solid state amp that has a lot of clean power to hook to the Primaluna preamp. Maybe that will give me more slaw with my speakers. Any recommendation of what would be good clean power to match with Dynaudio X32 and KEF ls50 speakers?
I use a Plinius 9100 with great results. I also listen to King Crimson. I also had a Marantz, a SA-8001 but now use a
OPPO 103 so I can listen to DVD-A & Hi Rez off a USB stick.
NAD D7050 is a very good match for the LS50.
I've using a NAD D7050 to drive my LS50s with great results. They sound great.
Tvfreak, I heard LS50's twice driven by an Ayre 5, so bright I could hardly listen to them, I remember thinking they were NAD material,you're a genius LOL.
I had seikosha's ls50 s in for a day. They sounded thin in my large family room/kitchen area off 180 w/ch tad hibachi amps but nice and balanced in the 12x12 sunroom with cathedral ceiling off 500w/ch bel canto class d so I think one has to have the right size room for them.
My office is 9 x 11 so the room size is good. Maybe I will try the Nad. All the rave reviews about the ls50 made me buy them with out hearing them. My last time to do that.
Mapman was being nice when he said they sounded thin in his larger room. They were anemic and absolutely outclassed by the Dynaudios he had. As he mentioned, the Kef's were much better balanced in his smaller sunroom. That was a fun and educational listening session.
My Dynaudio X32's are too big for my room. Thinking I am going back to my x32's with a small REL sub.
I have the LS50's paired with Audio Research VSi55 I got for 1830 on audiogon. They are an amazing match. I don't think I could do much better. I keep on thinking of ways to change/upgrading the integrated but just in the end don't want to loose the synergy of this setup, its phenomenal, even despite being set up in a fairly large room with 9 foot ceilings.

If I had a balanced source I would like to compare it to a Ayre Ax-7e someday...

Entry level Transparent cabling and a Bluesound Vault as a source using the on board DAC. Soon to be switch to a Auralic Aries Mini.