integrated suggestions

I'm looking to buy a TUBE integrated W/remote option at some point in the future. I prefer to pay between 500-1500 used. Power between 40-80 watts. Anyone had any experiences good or bad with a certain amp? Suggestions?
Check into Rogue Audio Tempest.
The Unico is a hybrid tube/ss design with remote that meets your power and price.

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Audio Aero Prima. Tube pre, mosfet out. I have the mk1 with 3 inputs and a pre-out. Check website for more info.
Second the UNICO. Beyooteeful, too!
The VAC Avatar is a nice tube integrated - I don't know what it goes for used though. It might be a little more than you want to spend.
In case you accept "Hybrid" suggestions check the Margules HD-1 at:

Excellent sound for the price.
My Cary SLI-80 is awesome, and so flexible (Ultralinear or triode, EL34 or 6550/KT88, 4 or 8 ohms...). Highly recommended. (mine is NOT for sale)