Integrated: SS or Tube?

I'm currently using a Rowland Concentra II integrated, and while it's a great amp, I am wondering if I should go to a tube integrated amp. The Tenor is out, too expensive. The new BAT integrated tube is interesting. What about the Jadis DA60? Any feedback about this amp? I use the amp primarily for music.

Remainder of system is: 47 labs digital front end, silversmith digital and interconnects, analysis plus oval 9 biwire speaker cable, von schweikert vr5 hd speakers.

I'm confused by your post. You want to know if you should go into a tube integrated amp? How would any of us know that? What do you feel you're missing with your Concentra? Is it really a tube thing? Maybe it's a solid state thing that isn't doing it for you with that baby. I auditioned the JRDG Concentra ll and opted for the YBA Passion Integre. Twas sweeter, more tubelike actually. Maybe you can provide us with more info as to what your Concentra is not delivering? Maybe it's a front end thing?
John, With all due respect this is the same old, and somewhat tired, issue. What it all boils down to is what YOU want to hear when you turn on your stereo. YOU must LISTEN to tubes yourself to see if you even interested in the difference. If you are then you can deal with the issues involved with speaker matching, tube maintenance etc. You have an excellent SS unit now - if it has a pre-amp out just borrow a good tube amp, plug it in and listen to see if you interested in the difference.
John, though I have never heard the Concentra or the II, I believe it to be a nice integrated. We as 'philes get restless time to time, if the Concentra is bringing you joy, don't do something hasty and that you may regret, but if you truely feel you are not satisfied, by all means, start shopping!

My speculation is, the BAT is also a fine integrated, but you may just be taking a step sideways. The BAT and Concentra being different in certain areas yet on the same playing field. (This excludes the fact that one may or may not gel better or worse with the rest of your system.)
I personally think Brian is dead on. I've been known to make some hasty choices now and again. I've gone some a solid state integrated to a hybrid integrated a couple times and have gone back both times. It was my choice. I decided I liked the solid state better. Most likely because I was making a step sideways. If you just think you want a change, I've been there. But the Concentra is supposed to be a fantastic integrated. Take note of exactly what you feel you are lacking, or better yet, take note of what peaks your interest into tubes, and go from there.
I basically agree with the previous posters, but just wanted to add that the BAT is tubed in the preamp section only, not the power amp section.
If you just want to change go after the sound. Look at Brinkman or Plinius.