integrated SET amp for $1000

I need some amplifier recommendations. I am looking for a new or used directly heated SET amp for around $1000. I'm not looking for a kit but I'm not averse to getting an already made DIY amp. I need at least a few watts, probably 3, so I've been looking at 2a3 amps. I don't need anything fancy, just one input, a volume attenuator and something that sounds sweet. I've looked at the almarro a205a but that is a SEP, the decwares, which are not true DH SETs and wright WPA 3.5 monoblocks but those are missing the volume attenuator (I don't want to get into buying a preamp). Are there any decent DH SET integrated amps out there for $1000 or so? Are there any personal favorites that some of you can recommend?
Take a look at Min may be able to make you what you want. I built the one you see in my system, got the case and parts from Min.
Sounds nice to me, but I can't comment too much on how it compares to other 2A3s, 300bs, etc.
You can pick up the Almarro 318B for around $1300-1400.00 used and its a superb SET integrated. I honestly don't know of anything that would come close to it for anywhere near that price.

Sebrof, yeah I contacted Min. He seems like a good guy and his amps look nice as well with quality parts like James OPT but the price would probably come to $1500 with shipping which is a bit out of my league.

Nightfall, I have my eye on the 318Bs for sure but again, the cost is a little high.

I decided to go with the little almarro a205a mkII after all. It can be wired as a true SET if I want (output 1.5 watts I believe), otherwise it's 4.8 watts. It also has a good resale value. It's my first foray into audiophile gear so I think it will keep me busy for a while. Now to decide between zu omens and tekton lores. I will likely go with the lores and have Eric put in some upgraded caps. I'm also building some open baffles and have a Jolida FX10 on hand. I will have a lot of combinations to play with.
I have Zu Omens and Tekton Katz Meow (not the current model). Can't go wrong with either Lore or Omen IMO.
Sounds like a great choice in amps as well.

Good Luck!!

Thanks Sebrof. I'm not yet committed to the lores and may yet go with the omens depending on what is easier to get here in Canada. I'm not anxious to pay $300+ on shipping. I will likely open up the a205a and install the v-caps.

Incidentally, how hard was it to build your amp from the kit?
Well, kinda hard to answer "how hard" but I have had electronics Bench tech type jobs years ago so I've soldered a lot of things in my day. I think it would be difficult but do-able for someone with zero experience in electronics or soldering, but I would not recommend.
For a non-experienced person I would recommend the Deceare kit or the Elekit TU-879 that uses 6L6s. I have built both and I think that as long as you practice soldering a little till you get good the instructions that come with those should be good enough (especially Elekit, get it from
(especially Elekit, get it from
(especially Elekit, get it from

Sorry about that Victor, Yes from Canada not China.
Also might consider your 300b and 2A3 kits as well.
Used to run the A205A with Cain SuperAbbys, the switched to the 318B (I've owned three of them to this point, as well as two a205a's), much prefer the 318B but found it difficult to accept that that the 205 was pure synergy, a much better match with the Super Abbys in my listening room, then switched to some Almarro dual full-range driver speakers with the 318, a wonderful pairing, and now I'm using a set of Lore's with a Decware SE84 amp ... I'm very pleased ... Lore, Decware, Cambridge 740, Mapleshade cables ... but I know that a few more watts would truly wake up the Lore's ... yet no complaints and no urge to go beyond 2 watts, great sound, plenty of volume, no desire to entertain the neighbors.