Integrated Recommendation: BAT,Ayre,ML,MF,Edge?

I'm wide open to needs are as follows: I need to integrate a HT processor, phono stage is a bonus (if it is decent...I'm willing to add on a phono stage), tape out for headphone amp, prefer good soundstage (speakers need it). My system is as follows:

Spendor S5e
Spendor Sub-3
Rega Planar 3
Arcam CD73T (may upgrade to future amps quality later)
Audiolab 8000a (replacing)

My budget is up to $3500 ...should be enough on the used market. From my research to this point I was leaning towards the BAT, but I do not think it has an HT out...I'm not looking for great quality HT reproduction so any means of integrating a processor would be a consideration (even if there is not a designated HT out). Your thoughts and recommendations are greatly appreciated.
I would look into the Plinius line... They offer the phono your looking for, go great with Arcam CDP from what I understand and have HT bypass... Class AB.
There's a used Passion Integre for sale on the 'gon right now, in your price range. I've owned that baby for over two years: glorious top to bottom. 100 of the sweetest SS watts out there....imho...warren :-)