Integrated Recommendation: Balanced at Low Volumes

I've been using a NAD c320BEE for a while and notice that it was not very balanced at low volumes which is where I do most listening. (I was very happy with it using just the amp section). I recently sold it and I'm looking for a replacement integrated. System is going to be as follows:

Macbook Pro (Apple Lossless files)
Assemblage DAC 2
Quad 11L2s

This is a nearfield desktop system so I don't need anything with a ton of power, a decent headphone amp and remote would be nice but neither is a deal breaker. I'd like to keep it <$1000 used. My main requirement is a good pre-amp section.

I'm considering:

Bryston B60R
Primare integrateds

Any other recommendations or thoughts? Thanks!
I think you might have the same problem with the B-60. Channel tracking is a problem with some potentiometer volume controls. You might consider installing a pair of attenuators in the pre-amp/amp loop.
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Thanks for recommendations so far. Any comments on moving up the NAD line? Say a C372 or C375?
Bob_reynolds: Thanks I've thought about going that route but I've talked to people with 11L/12L actives and I will more than likely be able to hear the amp hiss since I sit close. That was the nice thing about my NAD, it was dead quiet.
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Bob, good to know about the KRK's. I had never heard of those before and now I'll keep them in mind. I've had that sinking feeling since I sold my NAD C320BEE which is the reason I was thinking of moving up the NAD line. I tried a Naim Nait 3R, nice and balanced at low volumes and great sound but the trademark Naim hiss was too much nearfield.

I'd also be interested in going seperates but I thought I'd get more bang for my buck with an integrated.
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Hi Miskeen,

I have had Nad c320bee, Primare A20mk2 and Primare A30.1 and both Primare’s will be a big step over the Nad. Primare A30.1 or the new I30 would be my choice.