Integrated Recommendation: Balanced at Low Volumes

I've been using a NAD c320BEE for a while and notice that it was not very balanced at low volumes which is where I do most listening. (I was very happy with it using just the amp section). I recently sold it and I'm looking for a replacement integrated. System is going to be as follows:

Macbook Pro (Apple Lossless files)
Assemblage DAC 2
Quad 11L2s

This is a nearfield desktop system so I don't need anything with a ton of power, a decent headphone amp and remote would be nice but neither is a deal breaker. I'd like to keep it <$1000 used. My main requirement is a good pre-amp section.

I'm considering:

Bryston B60R
Primare integrateds

Any other recommendations or thoughts? Thanks!
I think you might have the same problem with the B-60. Channel tracking is a problem with some potentiometer volume controls. You might consider installing a pair of attenuators in the pre-amp/amp loop.
Swap your Quads for the active versions and get a USB DAC with volume control.
Check out the PS Audio Trio C-100 integrated, nice and compact.
Thanks for recommendations so far. Any comments on moving up the NAD line? Say a C372 or C375?
Bob_reynolds: Thanks I've thought about going that route but I've talked to people with 11L/12L actives and I will more than likely be able to hear the amp hiss since I sit close. That was the nice thing about my NAD, it was dead quiet.
Mskeen, I used the same NAD integrated that you have in my office system several years ago. The speakers then were passive M&K pro nearfield monitors (CR-2401). They were literally an arm's length away. You are right -- dead quiet.

I have since switched to KRK VXT6 actives and have been very pleased with the improvement. If I put my ear to the tweeter I do hear a hiss, but at the normal listening distance I hear none; obviously, when music is playing I hear none.

Good volume control is an issue sitting so close to the speakers. Active speakers usually have input attenuators so that you can use the volume control in its central region.

Best of luck.
Bob, good to know about the KRK's. I had never heard of those before and now I'll keep them in mind. I've had that sinking feeling since I sold my NAD C320BEE which is the reason I was thinking of moving up the NAD line. I tried a Naim Nait 3R, nice and balanced at low volumes and great sound but the trademark Naim hiss was too much nearfield.

I'd also be interested in going seperates but I thought I'd get more bang for my buck with an integrated.
Mskeen, I sold the C320BEE because of a lack of volume control -- either too low or too high with just the slightest nudge. I went to a Decware Zen SET, but the tube noise became unbearable after a few months. I finally ended up with an ATI AT602 (has input attenuators) and an NHT PVC (passive volume control). The NHT+ATI setup provided the best sound I had in the office before the VXT6s.

If I was considering passive again, I'd skip the NHT PVC for a DAC with volume control.

FWIW, I'm now using a JBL MSC1 monitor controller (has room mode correction) in place of the balanced NHT PVC Pro I was using with the VXT6s.
Hi Miskeen,

I have had Nad c320bee, Primare A20mk2 and Primare A30.1 and both Primare’s will be a big step over the Nad. Primare A30.1 or the new I30 would be my choice.
plinius 9200