Integrated recomendation for Quad 22l2

I need some help with an integrated amp recomendation for my Quad 22L2's. budget around $1000 - new or or course used. Just getting back into building a system.

In my family room I'm using a NAD C325BEE with a pair of Quad 21L2's. Nice full sound and nice sound stage.Make sure you pull your speakers away from both the side and back walls and angle them with the tweeters at eye level.
I owned a pair of 22L speakers. They do like power & current. I cannot recommend a integrated, as I used amp/preamp. I would stay at 150 watts or more unless your room is small and you do not listen at loud levels.
thanks -

I wound up buying an Exposure 2010S. It's a small room - so hopefully for now - it will be enough power - I'm sure it will.
Good choice, I was going to suggest a used Naim Nait 5.