Integrated Owners: I Need an Excellent Power Cord

I have recently gone through some serious power cord trials for one of my other components. Had quite a few power cords in house for auditions and also purchased some. Tried these cords on my Integrated too. (Blue Circle) It seems to me that a power cord for an integrated must address the needs of both the preamplifier and also the amplifier. It's not like buying a power cord for an amplifier and a power cord for a preamplifier. I'm looking for an excellent cord under $1000 used that works well with Integrateds. (top and bottom extension, detailed, refined, dynamic) Looking for something you use or have tried. I already have or had in house: DCCA Reference Master, DCCA Musical Essence 2, Purist Audio Dominus Ferrox C, VH Audio Flavor 4, Synergistic Research Tesla T3, Lessloss, Wergyzn Copper Slam, Audience Powerchord, PS Audio Statement SC, MAC Soundpipe HC. I've been considering Virtual Dynamics, and Fusion Audio but look to add more to the short list. Thanks
Isoclean Super Focus or add $500.00 and get the Supreme Focus.
A good cable with excellent connectors (Wattgate 330/350i) will sound much better than a great cord with average connectors. I just added Wattgates ($160) to one of my Morrow MAP 2 power cords (<$200) and will do the rest.
Glory, thanks, but you did not mention in your recommendation that you are selling said cables.

Then by all means by the Super Focus from someone else.

I am not selling the Suprem Focus ( I have one ) and it will be a treat to try out on your amp.

I ran it on my Meishu intergrated. The asking price for the two up for sale ( I do not know these members )is a steal.

Just trying to help you out 9.
I'd like to see you try the Dream State Lucid or Silent Source power cords, they're both really good. They're different, so you'd need to see which one you like better.
I highly recommend you give the Kimber PK10 Palladian serious consideration. It is a 10 gauge power cord for the amp side and also sounds great on a preamp. Kimber now makes this power cord in an Ag version with silver wattgate connectors. This brings this power cord to another level up in performance.
The Morrow Audio MAP-2 is a great cord for $179 and put a few well known and much more espensive cords to shame in my system (DCCA Ref One, LessLoss, PS Audio Statement SC). It has a big soundstage and surprisingly good extension at the frequency extremes for such a thin cable. It is also fast and nimble, but not analytical sounding.

I recently upgraded from the Morrow cords to Virtual Dynamics Master series and have been very happy with the results, even bigger soundstage, greater resolution, better extension at the frequency extremes but still musical and easy to listen to. Of course, the VD cords are a lot more $$$.

Just my $.02.
Hey Foster - I would really like to help you out with a recommendation or two, but in order to do that, I would need to know WHAT integrated you are going to use the power cord on. Too many people on this forum have agendas other than trying to help and are merely promoting something whether it will be a good match for you or not.
Thanks Jwpstayman, you make a good point. I have a Blue Circle BMPH Integrated.

Thanks to the other posters. (Power cords under $1,000 Used)
Hey Foster, I suggest that you try some power cords in the system from someone like the Cable Co who has that available, but one power cord that works well with this integrated amp is the Audience PowerChord ( whether the "e" version or not is up for grabs). Another good choice, depending on your taste of course, is the Purist Aqueous Anniversary p/c which gets you both the punch of PAD's ferox shielded cords and the smoothness of their fluid shielded cords. I also have some good results with Blue Circle integrated using JPS Labs Kaptovator. Enjoy!
Have you given Don at DCCA a chance to customize a power cord for you? I honestly think this is the way to go. When I first got a Reference Master to plug my power conditioner into the wall, the sound was bloated and surupy... In a word it was awful. I sent the cord back with an explicit description of what I was hearing and what I wanted to hear. The cord I got back at first was somewhat close to what I was looking for. The cord I got back after a second go-round is so near perfect I have little interest in trying new cords. There's so much variability in everyone's equipment and personal taste, there isn't going to be a cord that's perfect for everyone. Don's customization skills are uncanny... I highly recommend having the patience to let him work his magic!

Purist Audio 20th Anniversary/ Dominus or a Virtual Dynamics. I have Master 2.0 in my Gryphon Diablo integrated which works very well.
At your price range I would not decide without trying an RSAD power chord - maybe the Poiema Signature.

I compared the Shunyata Anaconda Helix Alpha, Python Helix Alpha and an RSAD Alethias Sig (just above the Poiema Sig). The Lessloss is a real value for the money, but the RSAD PC is significantly better on an absolute yardstick.

RSAD gives money back trials I think, and Robert is a pleasure to deal with.
KS Emotions.

Next month at the show in Colorado Lessloss are unveiling a unit called Firewall which removes all the noise and crap from the a/c oullet/substation/power station etc,
I live 50 miles from the lessloss factory and yesterday Louis Mortek brought a protype round for me to hear - it took the music to a new level and I nearly cried when he had to pack it up!!!!!

I can send a pic if you want

Paul, thanks. Liudas (Louis) emailed me about it months ago and said it would retail for around $3,000. AC conditioners (filters) as Liudas calls them, are such a hit and miss proposition in every system. No guarantees with any of them. It's too much for me to spend. Maybe later when some hit the used market I might be interested.
Following up on noelpastor's comment, I use Ridge street Poiema and Alethias on my Viva Solista integrated, both are excellent, the latter a shade better. Certainly better than the very good Audience chord I was using before.
My only complaint, why can't Robert use names I can spell, darn it
I'll add my endorsement of the Ridge Street pcs. Spent the summer auditioning Elrod Sig 2&3, all the Fusion versions, Dream State, TG Audio SLVR, even Nordost Shiva & Brahma. The RSAD Alethias! was the only pc to immediately make such a difference that the system seemed to just disappear and the sense of sitting in front of a live performance emerged. It was striking. Granted, this was not an integrated, but rather for my digital front end (Esoteric X-03se), but it is a pc worth auditioning on any component.
An update -foster_ 9?
Stealth V12 is a great cord not cheap though.
KLE Innovations has just announced their power cable.

If it is anywhere near as good as their other cables it should be a contender


Man, I love cables!  Happy Listening!
Pls buy the core power tech 300. These r the BEST. Pls see the comments on audiogon forums. Superb product.
I stuck with the inexpensive iron lung jellyfish for use on my Yamaha AS 2000.  I have had the iron lung in my collection of power cords for probably 5 years and after trying all my pc's on the integrated it worked out.  I have other power cords like the VH Audio Airsine that have been outperformed by it.
Guessing you already have dedicated circuits and something besides spec grade or lesser receptacles in place? If you don't, you should. In my experience it's a waste of time listening to great PC's as you're not hearing what they really have to offer. 
Silent Source power cord...pre-owned cos of their price, but that would be my recommendation
adg101.... no dedicated lines unfortunately.  AC Outlets: went from FIM 880 to Maestro to Porter Port, also have hospital grade in the room.
Would second the CPT 300 or the Cerious Technology CT GE pc..I have both and they are great..As good or better than pcs 5 times their cost which is < $700..Email both Robt at CT or Mark at CPT..Both are great ..
You demo list doesn't  include Nordost? For 1K used, you can get their latest upper mid level that subjectively competes with  all you tried so far. Resale if you don't care for it should be pretty easy. That's how I acquired their otherwise pricey Norse2 (Frey/Heimdall)for my entire rig. Nordost works for my system.

My entire system is plugged into a PS Audio Power Plant which I prefer over any other options.

I use and really really like the KLEI gPOWER2 power cable ... KLEI gPOWER2 AC power cable
I too would recommend the Core Power 300. I have the 150 on my pre. It's excellent. Contact Wally answers the phone and is generous with his time.
Purist Audio Design.  They've been building the best power cords and audio cables on earth for over 30 years.  They have 12 AC power cords to choose from.  :-) 
Take a look at Transparent's Gen 5 XL Powercord. 
Especially if you don't have dedicated lines or some sort of AC regeneration going on, I would go with the Core Power Technologies.
I use an integrated.  I demo'd many cords a few years back.  CH Acoustic is the best I tried, Silent Source was very good as well and close to the CH Acoustic, HiDiamond 4 is good if you want a more relaxed sound with bass emphasis.  Used, they all might be within your budget.  Mad Scientist Audio cords are also very good, and perform far above their price point. I have not heard the CPT or Cerious cords.  
The Cerious power cables now have graphene and guess what, they are simply amazing for $349 with 30 day return
Cannot beat that and the fog has been lifted!!
I liked Stage III Concepts, Silent Source and Transparent.
Zu Audio Event MkII power cables.
I noticed the OP mentioned a Yamaha A-S 2000  I have one of these.  it is not broken in yet but I do not like the sound when using my VH Audio flavor 4.  It sounds warm and  thin on top which is the most annoying sound. What did you think?   I put on the stock cord and images became more crisp and clear   I have used the 4 for 10 years and there have been a few other times this has happened.  Had a Onkyo A 95555 (heck of a bang for the buck unit)  same thing happened.  When I went to the stock cord it was just more vibrant clear and neutral.  I am down in the inexpensive cord area.  Need to try something different with the A-S 2000.Wwhat about AQ NRG 5 on closeout?
I use Acoustic Zen power cables, speaker cables, and interconnects.  Fantastic synergy!

Transparent Audio XL Powercord.
Nice! arsh.