Integrated or Separates on a budget

I am in the process of upgrading my existing system on a budget. My first purchase were Paradigm Studio 100 v2. I have a Sony cd carousel and an integrated I am replacing. At the very most, I have about $1200 to spend. I plan to buy used. I need to drive 2 sets of speakers. I have heard that getting separates is generally better all around, but I am not sure if it is possible to get quality pieces in my price range. Any suggestions?

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Used or demo Portal Panache would be a superb choice if you only need a line stage and don't require a remote. To drive two sets of speakers you might need a switching box. I'd recommend a used Bryston if you can find one. Maybe a bit more investment, but another great option if you can find it would be a used Unico Unison SE, or with less power, but also an outstanding choice, the standard Unico Unison. Not sure if they have multiple speaker options.