Integrated or separates?

I've got about $1000 to spend on an integrated amp or preamp/amp combo. I just purchased some B&W 604S3's for speakers and am looking for any suggestions. The store I bought the speakers from was running them with all Rotel gear and they sounded great, so I may lean towards them, but I'd like to stick to used/demo products due to cost (bang/$$). Any other suggestions?
INtegrated is good for your budget. US$1000 can get a decent used solidstate integrated amp with accepable power.

Copland CSA28 is a good choice in the range.
check out the denon pma-2000ivr at
retails for $1200 80 watts per side 160 watts into 4 ohms.
puts out 120 amps of current.
Rotel electronics will match well the B&W 600 series. The 604's can also benefit from stuff further up the audio chain.

I would probably go with an integrated with a $1000 budget.
On the used market for separates, one thing you could look for is a older Conrad Johnson PV-10AL tube preamp or PF-1L or PF-2L solid state preamp. They are all around $500. For an amp around $500 either McCormick or a Conrad Johnson MF2100 or Sonographe SA250
A piece that really impressed me at CES was the Unison Research Unico integrated. 80wpc for $1300 brand new. It utilizes a tubed preamp section with two 6922s and a solid state output section. Very musical and it sounded great through Triangle Celius. I've seen used ones here for about $1000.
The AR Complete is a really sweet integrated and you should be able to find it for just under $1000 new.

Gunbei, have you heard the Celius powered by the AR Complete? I went to my dealer to hear the Unico because I have Triangle speakers. You can't really go wrong with the Unico unless you have really bright speakers, but I thought the AR Complete made a better match. The Unico sounded slightly more detailed and extended and extremely liquid. However, it wasn't quite what I was looking for. The AR Complete produced a more palpably real sound for me. Totally a matter of taste, I thought. At $400 less than the Unico, I thought I made out like a bandit. :)