integrated or separate to match triangle NAIA

I have been looking at speakers for awhile and man there are alot of good speakers out there but one listen to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon on the NAIA's n I was SOLD!

Now I have to get the integrated or separate to go with the new speakers

$2500 to spend
Listen to a big variety of music.
Would favor deep extension over "bright" sound

So far I have seen real good reviews from:

Cary SLi-80


Pathos Classic one (I have been cautioned that this is bright?!)

Any ideas that beat those.... or best of breed for 2500 n under?

I've owned the Pathos. It seemed a little bright at times. It just didn't do anything for me, it seemed expensive for the sound that I got in my room. I've moved on since then, and have had numerous integrateds. I'm currently using the Musical Fidelity A308 and am really quite happy with.
Try the STP-80 from Shanling. I have one with the CD-T100 and the Naia WoWWWWWWWWW
I also have the Musical Fidelity A-308 and it is powerful and clear and smooth sounding.
I know I frequently repeat myself:
Audio Aero Prima Hybrid. Put in an NOS tube and upgrade the power cord, and you will be wondering why it sounds more balanced and smooth than many $10K amps. After ten seconds of hearing it with a pair of Triangle's, my wife and I said, "That's it!"
All the best,