Integrated or CAL CL15+amp? in 1300$ used range

I've been looking in the 1300$ used price range for an amp or integrated amp to run with a CAL CL15 cd player and a set of Taylor Reference Monitors or possibly even the Linbrooks.
I've been considering the following integrateds:
VAC Avatar
Cary SLI80
Sim i5
Plinius 8200
Audio Research CA50
Classe CAP150

but before I make the purchase I just wanna see if anyone thinks it might be better to just go cdplayer directly to the amp? Any thoughts? and any suggestions on the integrateds I've chosen (or amps that you might suggest!)
I am running a CAL CL15 directly into an Aloia power amp and then on to a pair of Quad 63s. I love the sound I'm getting. Formerly I also ran the Cal directly into a Rogue 88 tube amp with fine results. You will need to check the impedence of the power amp, but in most cases should have no trouble.
Kakuju, thanks for the input! you said I need to check the impedence of the power amp....what would I check it for? does the number have to be above or below a certain number? what would I be looking for? thanks!