Integrated McIntosh vs. separates

I've been using the amp section of a McIntosh MA6500 integrated paired with a McIntosh C220 preamp for the past year. The integrated is a friends who now wants it back so he can sell it. So, I'm looking at something like a McIntosh MC150 or MC300 to replace it. Will I hear any improvement? My other option is to buy the MA6500 from my friend knowing I can always use it as an integrated if needed. I'm leaning towards the separate amp. My speakers are Dynaudio Special 25's. Or, any suggestions on other amps that would be a good match for the C220 in the $1500-2000 range, used or new.
I can't say how the MC 300 will sound with the C220, but I can't imagine that it wouldn't be very good. I used the MC300 for several years with a Morrison ELAD pre, and it was great. I would still have the MC300 today if I hadn't sold it for a supposed "upgrade". It is smooth and powerful, also very quiet. No harsh nasties.
I guess the natural fits within Mac would be MC275 and MC252.
C220 + MC252 is a great combination. Check out the review of that very combo on YouTube.
I've looked at the 252 but my budget is $2000 tops. I can't find any of the newer McIntosh amps for under $2500-3000. My main question is will using a completely separate amp yield much better results as opposed to using the amp section of the McIntosh MA6500 integrated.
I used the McIntosh MA6500 for several years with Dynaudio Special 25's and Ma ggies. Excellent integrated amp. I sold that and now use a C2300 & MC402. With the Dynaudios the separate amp and preamp give better performance, but not by much. The extra power and fully balanced amp may be the difference. The performance per dollar is in favor of the MA6500. My only complaint with the MA6500 is the 1/8th inch mini plug for headphones. One standout of the MA6500 is the phono stage (mm) which was dead silent and sounded great. You can also hook up and switch 2 pairs of speakers.

If you want the most for your money the MA-6500 is a great choice.