Integrated Match to Focal Spora No. 2

Appreciate any input from Focal Sopra No. 2 owners on what they are using for front end source, I have a Hegel 300. Been reading the speakers can be sensitive to front end source. Thanks in advance.

They do need some room to breath and to perform at their best. My room is 12ft x 14ft and proved too small for the Sopra 2 speakers.

I auditioned them with a Luxman L-590AX Class A solid-state integrated amp and it seemed like a very nice match.  A friend of mine heard them with the darTZeel integrated amp and said that it was also a very nice match.


If you email me at, I'll connect you with the dealer I bought my Sopra No2's from.
I'm using a Simaudio Moon 700i with my Sopra 2's. I've heard these speakers with Naim, McIntosh and Hegel amps and I like the smooth musical sound of the 700i best. Naim was my least favorite. 

I would expect whatever Dealer you choose should offer a modest (10%) discount provided you've got a good relationship with them on past purchases. 
These speakers are HOT right now and selling quite well so don't expect huge discounts this soon. 
There is a used pair in black on AG right now for a great price. The owner is selling them to purchase the Sopra 3.