Integrated Match to Focal Spora No. 2

Appreciate any input from Focal Sopra No. 2 owners on what they are using for front end source, I have a Hegel 300. Been reading the speakers can be sensitive to front end source. Thanks in advance.
I have had a pair of these wonderful speakers since mid September, auditioned them with a Naim integrated (at one store), and a McIntosh C50/MC452 pre-power amp combo (at another), which to me sounded smoother, so I bought the McIntosh separates, and really enjoy the combination. When I’m really cranking it, the needles on the power amp dance around the 4.5 mark.

I have an "all digital" setup, music server, PS Audio DirectStream DAC and transport, streaming Tidal on a Dell laptop, etc.

Six months in, the speakers have "mellowed", sound better all the time. Great detail, soundstage, excellent depth, no plans to replace the Sopra’s.
Update, I have tested the Hegel 300 with Sopra No.2 (3 hour demo, wide range of music), and it is indeed a very good match. I will be purchasing a pair in the near future after the AXPONA show in Chicago. Would anyone who purchased a new pair be willing to share what they paid for the pair, I would expect 7.5 to 10% below retail. Thanks in advance for responses.

They do need some room to breath and to perform at their best. My room is 12ft x 14ft and proved too small for the Sopra 2 speakers.

I auditioned them with a Luxman L-590AX Class A solid-state integrated amp and it seemed like a very nice match.  A friend of mine heard them with the darTZeel integrated amp and said that it was also a very nice match.


If you email me at, I'll connect you with the dealer I bought my Sopra No2's from.
I'm using a Simaudio Moon 700i with my Sopra 2's. I've heard these speakers with Naim, McIntosh and Hegel amps and I like the smooth musical sound of the 700i best. Naim was my least favorite.