Integrated Match to Focal Spora No. 2

Appreciate any input from Focal Sopra No. 2 owners on what they are using for front end source, I have a Hegel 300. Been reading the speakers can be sensitive to front end source. Thanks in advance.

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Update, I have tested the Hegel 300 with Sopra No.2 (3 hour demo, wide range of music), and it is indeed a very good match. I will be purchasing a pair in the near future after the AXPONA show in Chicago. Would anyone who purchased a new pair be willing to share what they paid for the pair, I would expect 7.5 to 10% below retail. Thanks in advance for responses.

I bought a slightly used pair, mint with only 20 hours on them. Got them at over 40% below retail.  They arrived in mint condition and couldn't be happier. I have been watching the current one's on AG, he had to relist them after 30 days. He hasn't hit the right price yet I guess.

Maybe all our praise on the speakers will push someone to pull the trigger.