Integrated Match to Focal Spora No. 2

Appreciate any input from Focal Sopra No. 2 owners on what they are using for front end source, I have a Hegel 300. Been reading the speakers can be sensitive to front end source. Thanks in advance.

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I'm using a Simaudio Moon 700i with my Sopra 2's. I've heard these speakers with Naim, McIntosh and Hegel amps and I like the smooth musical sound of the 700i best. Naim was my least favorite. 

I would expect whatever Dealer you choose should offer a modest (10%) discount provided you've got a good relationship with them on past purchases. 
These speakers are HOT right now and selling quite well so don't expect huge discounts this soon. 
There is a used pair in black on AG right now for a great price. The owner is selling them to purchase the Sopra 3. 
Erik, I've searched extensively for info on Focal X-Over's with little success. Any info you've got would be appreciated before I discect my Sopras to see what's inside. 
I don't seem to have any difficulty with their impedance using my 700i amp. It barely gets warm driving them to 93db peaks in my room. 

Anyone with Sopra's remove the tweeter cover yet?  I'm waiting until I get everything dialed in before I try removing them on my Sopra2's. 
Erik, thanks for the info. It's interesting to say the least how part cost plays into the design of fairly expensive speakers. 
Although it's beyond my technical skills to attempt any modifications to my Sopra speaker crossover, it's good to know what's possible in the future for my speakers if the mods become available by professionals in the industry. 
PS:. Does Magico really use the best parts available as they love to advertise?