Integrated Match to Focal Spora No. 2

Appreciate any input from Focal Sopra No. 2 owners on what they are using for front end source, I have a Hegel 300. Been reading the speakers can be sensitive to front end source. Thanks in advance.

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I have had a pair of these wonderful speakers since mid September, auditioned them with a Naim integrated (at one store), and a McIntosh C50/MC452 pre-power amp combo (at another), which to me sounded smoother, so I bought the McIntosh separates, and really enjoy the combination. When I’m really cranking it, the needles on the power amp dance around the 4.5 mark.

I have an "all digital" setup, music server, PS Audio DirectStream DAC and transport, streaming Tidal on a Dell laptop, etc.

Six months in, the speakers have "mellowed", sound better all the time. Great detail, soundstage, excellent depth, no plans to replace the Sopra’s.

If you email me at, I'll connect you with the dealer I bought my Sopra No2's from.