Integrated match for Martin Logan Ascents

Have the upgrade bug...

At present, running a B&K Ref 2220 with NAD C-160 pre into M/L Ascents. Sounds good, but I know can do better...both the pre and amp probably need to move to the bedroom system...rather than sink big $ into separates, looking at integrated...any suggestions will be much appreciated.

Other components include Proceed DAP, Denon 5 disc carousel, HT Pro Silway ICs and Phoenix Gold Biwire speaker cables.


I would look at Jeff Roland Concentra I, Plinius 8200 MKII, unless you are trying to stay under a certain budget.
Mitch- How ya been??? Are you back in the states or still in exile ;) Haven't seen your moniker as of late, hope all is going well!
How about a high powered integrated tube amp? I easily powered my Aerius i (89dB, 4 ohm) which is rated much like the Ascent (90dB, 4 ohm), with a VTL IT85. Tubes sound awesome with martin logans... that's what they say, and I have heard it myself!

The VTL is 80 wpc and sounded great. Maybe others have integrated tube suggestions?

Hey, all is well over here in Germany...might be moving back to the states summer of next year...probably DC.

Have found a pretty nice stereo shop here in Kaiserslautern where I live, but no luck yet on finding any European manufacturers who'll sell 110v models of any of their components here. Was looking at EC and MF as potentials...thought I'd get some leverage from not paying the value added tax and the exchange rate but that has not panned out yet either...will probably just have to wait until I come back to America for the next upgrade.

BTW, Martin Logan is not a very widely distributed line over here so the Ascents and Aerius' (those are in the home theater)are quite the novelty...running them off a 220v step down transformer which is a pain in the ass since they are not powered up all the time and it takes about 30 minutes for them to sound right...

Hope all is well with you and yours,