Integrated, Marantz pm-17, Denon pma 2000? or?

Hi all,

I am looking at a choice between the Marantz pm-17 and Denon pma series. I will be getting used, at the $500 price area and would like to get as impressive unit as possible in that price point. I am running sacd with Dynaudio 52se speakers and a custom built sub of Ariel character. The speakers I love, and would like to mate them with a detailed, warmish (rather than austere), effortless sounding amp. Any ideas?

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The best, used $500 integrated amp I have ever owned is the Audio Refinement Complete. I have bought 2 of them from Audiogon members (one black, one silver - both with remote) for $495 and $500 shipped. Might very well be the best $500 equipment purchase I have made.
I like the Musical Fidelity A3.
I have owned the Complete and it's quite nice but NOT the equal of the Marantz PM 17 just an over built amp that is sweet and has enough current to drive just about anything..This amp suprises on a daily basis..Cheers