Integrated internet radio, cd player, USB, and amp

I have a squeezebox from Logitech.
I would like to upgrade to an integrated unit that includes internet radio, cd player, USB for the iPhone or iPad and amplifier.

Does something like this exist?
First thing, plan on keeping the Squeezebox. You'll never be satisfied with any of the other interfaces out there. I wasn't, so now I use my Squeezebox into a DAC.
You want a reciever, not an integrated.
cambridge audio has such a combination, which is see on sale at spearit for $400. esoteric and others do the same thing but are much pricier.
Arcam Solo Neo , Arcam Solo mini, Naim uniti! Naim unitqute

yes. there are many of these products. Arcam, Macintosh, Naim, NuForce & T+A - this should get you started. Keep me posted on the player that you decide to buy. Happy Listening.