integrated help please

peachtree grand itegerated any thoughts looking for a great integrated under 6000 with dac
If you must have the DAC built into the amp, you will be limiting your choices significantly. I have no Idea what your system is or what you like but if it was me I would get the Ayre 7 series integrated and their 9 series dac. Currently I have Ayre electronics and the sound is very, very good. If you can find a good deal on the BAT integrated, that would be another one I would consider.
Simaudio's Moon 340i has a built in dac. Well reviewed and well under 6000.
As noted above, the Ayre AX-7e is a basic two channel integrated amplifier without many bells and whistles. It is a great sounding amplifier that works with many different speakers. The Ayre AX-7e Integrated amp sounds much better running with balanced inputs and not RCA inputs.

I own the Ayre AX-7e integrated amplifier driving my Sonus Faber Auditor M Speakers in my living room. The music source is the Ayre CX-7eMP CD Player running balanced cables (XLR) to the Ayre amp. My Ayre AX-7e integrated sounds great to my ears. I suggest you give it a listen.
Depends on the system you're using.

The Ayre mentioned above and the Bel Canto are both good choices for a more traditional 'phile set-up.

However, the Harman Kardon HK 990 offers not only an internal DAC, but also room correction and a digital domain x-over for one or two subwoofers. It also features a robust 150wpc power amp section - based on the original Matti Otala Citation design. BTW, Electrocompaniet Ampliwire amps are also based on Otala principles.

If your source material is strictly digital (Tho the HK 990 does include a phono amp, it's clearly optimized for digital sources) and you use subwoofers, this thing offers some really unique functionality.

Anywhere between $1500 to $2000 new.
I'd go with an integrated and outboard DAC, but that's just me. Good amplification typically outlasts sources (except turntables IMO).

If I needed an integrated with built in DAC, I'd look at the Bryston B100 and Naim SuperNait. I think the new SuperUniti (or something like that) also has a DAC in it. However, those are my presentation preferences. No idea what sonic presentation tickles your fancy. While the Peachtree stuff sounds pleasant, I've never had any desire to live with it. I haven't heard their new high end stuff though.
Nad M2 is worth adding to your shortlist
In your budget I would be curious to try the Core Audio Technology level 2 all in one machine. It will have everything you need except speakers, supposedly makes cable choices and power conditioning irrelevant (I'm skeptical here) and goes for around $4k with a 30 day guarantee.

I'm waiting for a local buddy to get one so I can demo without popping down the cash. It seems to have a lotf promise.
I agree with Jkj25 above that you should separate the amplifier from the DAC. Yes, I know it means two boxes (and maybe more money) but it gives you maximum flexibility to select the best amp and the best DAC for your system. It also enables you to upgrade one piece and not the other, if needed.
the new ModWright Integrated has an built in DAC option and it is in your price range.
I've never heard a Modwright I didn't like, so yes, I'd put it on the short list.
I've bought the Peachtree Grand Integrated last week. It requires ~250 hours of breakin. I've only pout ~30 hours so far. I'm using them with a new speakers (Joseph Audio Pulsar) so can't really do a meaningful comparison to my old gears. But I'd say it already sounds great. The looks and the build is very good. Having the Dac, Preamp and amp building into one chasis with the best possible matching and shortest distance electrons have to travel. The sound is ahh so glorious.

I've two compalins so far about the GI. No balanced input/output support. Volume control rotary knob doesn't glow or anything, so its hard to tell in a semi-dark room which position the volum knob is.

I've thought long and hard about the flexibility having a separate dac. I'd have used a $1k-$2k separate dac. My previous dac was W4S Dac-2. I could easily live with the dac inside of GI for next 4-5 years or so. If I can't resist buying a dac in next 2 years, I can always use GI as preamp and power amp combo with a outboard dac.
Another vote here for the AX-7e and a separate DAC. The Ayre is a stellar piece of equipment, and there are so many dac options that would bring you in at your spend, you could dac roll until you dial in the perfect sound to your taste.
Radiohead99: How does the dac in the grand integrated compare to the W4S Dac-2? Also, how does the class d amp sound?
I love it when an OP says they bought something and talk about it, and someone else comes along and recommends a component. Am I the only one who reads the thread before posting?
wat about the more expensive 600i or the reg a osiris