Integrated for Zu Presence

Hello all---i am thinking of purchasing these speakers for my next system. Looking to couple a tube integrated with it in <4k range thereby making it a nice, simple system. Any recommendations? I am considering Cary, Vac, etc.


whats up? what happened to the wilson/bat stuff? this is a radical move.....the integrateds named are great.
i sold them many moons ago as i believed at the time i was going to move to another state----things have changed and i am staying put, so i am thinking of going the high efficiency route.


Do it.. Looks like there is a first pair used up for sale right now you can probably get a deal on... I would look at the Cayin A-70T amp, getting a ton of great reviews, built awesome, good power, good features including a remote and can be switched from Triode to ultralinear etc... to nail down the sweetest or the most powerful sound, you can audition one for like 1900.00 brand new too.

Good Luck
Check it out Keith:

EAR 894 Integrated
Push-pull stereo integrated amplifier. 50 wpc into 4, 8, or 16 ohms. Uses 6L6, EL34, or KT66 output tubes. Self-biasing. (very sexy)

Ars-Sonum Filarmonia
30 watts RMS per channel at 8 ohms. Its output stage makes use of a pair of hand-matched E34L pentodes in Push-Pull configuration per channel. The E34L is a special version of the EL34/6CA7 tube. The drive and phase inversion stage uses a JAN5814-A (E82CC/6189/12AU7/ECC82) double triode, whilst the input section is driven by an E88CC (6922/ECC88/6DJ8) double triode.

Browse for cooler integrated amps from: KR Audio,New Audio Froniter, Margules, and Ayon.

Just finished reading about Zu Presence last night.

I like their approach of design (angled box also used in Marten Design latest Form speaker) and being innovative instead of building the same old MDF box. The dampening and stiffing methods for the carcass used resin glue found on boat hulls for additional stiffing.

I need to read more about the drivers but I do like the "10.3" midrange with the tweeter.

Good Luck,
Keith here is the correct URL for the other integrated amps:

Speaking of EAR, there are EAR 859 integrateds for sale on Audiogon. I have used this amp with my Def 2s. If you like the EAR/Zu combination, this is more than sufficient power.
all the amps named are nice...would say that a push/pull design(ear) would get the most out of the speakers
Also consider the Melody amps. I have heard them with the Druids.
thanks for the ideas guys.

have anyone heard Zu with Manley Stingray?
Have not listened to Manley Stingray. But it will look really cool with the Zu Pre. Specifications are excellent and there approach to explaining tubes is also big plus.

I did notice the options were not available for balanced inputs:
Balanced inputs are not available. It's a single-ended input topology and so to balance it we would have to add chips or transformers. There is no power supply for IC's available inside and no room to fit more transformers or XLR's so please take the RCA's with a kind heart!

You got love it when OEM gives you this info:

# Output Tubes: 8 x EL84 Ships with Russian NOS EL84M (aka 6Pi14Pi-EB)
(We are out of Ei 6BQ5)
# Driver Tubes: 2 x 6414 Ships with GE or RAYTHEON JAN NOS USA or 6414W
# Input Tubes: 2 x 12AT7EH Ships with: 12AT7EH large plate Electro-Harmonix Russi