integrated for von schweikert vr2's?

recently purchased a pair of vr2's and I am looking for an integrated to power them, preferably with a ht bypass krell kav-400, classe cap 150, musical fidelity 3.5 are a few i am thinking about. any thoughts would be appreciated
running mine in a 5.1 set-up using a B&K 305 - not the ultimae in refinement but plenty of poop. am intrigued by the Arcam 300 which would allow bi-amping in the 5.1 mode.

if you are doing 2 channel, let me just say that the Channel Islands D200 blew me away with VR4jrs at the Home show in LA this summer.
Running my VR-2's with a Cayin A-70T and couldn't be more pleased. Then again, it's my first "real" system I've put together.