Integrated for Sonus Faber Guarmeri Memento??

Amp: none
Cd: none
Speaker: sonus faber guarmeri memento
Reniy, may I ask why u sold the L507? And what your current amp?
I have tried several amps and integrated amps with my Memento, my favorite amps were BAT 150SE and integrated amps were BAT VK-300X SE. Really brings up the strength of GM, enough resolution, transparency, and extension to mate with somewhat romantic sounding GM. I didn't care for Pass INT-30A with GM, MF Tri Vista was not nearly as refined. I had Mc MC-501 before, defintely not my cup of tea.
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About McIntosh MA 6600.
I sold my Luxman L-507U in Audiogon.The person who purchased my Luxman was running a McIntosh MA 6600.She told me Luxman L-507U SMOKED the McIntosh MA 6600.
Luxman L-507U.
200 wpc in to 4 ohms.
Many thanks! Will go to look at all these amps asap
I am currently driving my GM's with an Accuphase P-3000, which is 75 wpc into 8 ohms and doubles that output into 4 ohms. The results are excellent. Others have stated on this and other forums that the GM's will sound better with higher powered amps. I cannot confirm or refute that, but in my experience and in my listening room, which is 13' x 19' with an 8' ceiling, the 75 wpc from my P-3000 is everything I need.
I've read in several forums that McIntosh is a synergistic match with Sonus Faber. I just rec'd the all tubed McIntosh MA2275 to which I've added upgraded tubes and it sounds stellar! Not sure if 75 WPC is optimal for the memento's 4 ohm min. impedance, but have heard of others using this combo on Audiokarma's McIntosh forum.
Try to listen to EAR899 70wpc integrated amp. I've listened to it with EAR890(power amp version of 899) and impressed with the overall tonal balance & dynamics of the memento