Integrated For Revel M20s

I just purchased a pair of Revel M20's on this site for a second system. Any recommendations on an integrated for them? I'm thinking possibly Plinius 9200 or Musical Fidelity 380, but have not ruled out lower powered options like Pathos Classis 1 mk2 or Unison Unico. Any feedback would be appreciated
Go ahead and rule out the lower-powered options. The M20s need plenty of high-current power.

The 9200 seems reasonable. You may also want to look into the Classe CAP-150 for about the same money.
You may bypass Pathos and Unico and stick with your first two choices.
I'm using a Musical Fidelity A308 with some F30's and am pretty happy with it. When I had M20's I was using an audio refinement complete integrated with pretty good success. I also owned the Pathos Classic One (version 2), although not while I had the M20's. I didn't have much good to say about it though. It just didn't seem to do anything right.

I would probably try a Musical Fidelity A300 if I were you.
I would also recommend Primare A30.2.
I use to own the M20s. They certainly can take whatever you give them, however, I ran them with a YBA Integre. 50 of the best SS watts out there. They sounded (the speakers, for my taste, do best with a sub and killer stands. the Revel stands are poor and will have more of a deleterious affect on the music rather than the positive affect excellent stands will provide--sorry for this long paranthetical digression) wonderful, but my listening tastes, loudness levels, room size, were conducive to the 50 watts. They do best (hey, what doesn't) with great electronics.
Other candidates to consider are the Krell 400ix and the BV Audio A300s, which is a true dual mono design and will supposedly drive anything. There is an excellent review of the latter at STEREOTIMES.COM. Also, for what it's worth, one of the English magazines (HiFi News and Record Review, I believe) was much less enthusiastic about the Plinius 9200 than the Krell 400ix.
Thanks for all your responses. I''ll try to check those other amps out.
I am asking the same question with my M20s. I have been using McIntosh MA 6200 which sounds quite good. I also got at a good price an Accuphase E202 which is now at service being cleaned and made glorious. However I have heard that the Odyssey Stratos as an amplifier (I can use the Accuphase as a pre-amp) is great or even a Krell KAV-250a. I must confess to an unsupportable preference for older equipment(go AudiogoN). I was even told that the newer M22 doesn't sound as good as the M20 - the change was for a match to their newer floor series.