Integrated for ProAc isc

Several reviewers of these speakers favor tubes for these speakers (especially triodes). I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has used solid state amps with success. Main listening is jazz, clasical and folk.
Naim amps, from the 50wpc Nait integrateds on up, pair beautifully with the 1sc. On a budget, the Audio Refinement Complete integrated. Good listening.
Naim pairs well with proacs, they are used to voice their amps.
I concur with the recommendation of the Audio Refinement Comlete. I used one with a pair of ProAc Response 1s for quite awhile and it was a great combination.
I used Marantz Esotec MA 5's monoblocks for a while with great results. These were Class A, 30 watts. For awhile I was bi-amp them. Sound was great. Currently use tube mono blocks. Sound is a little bit better in that warmth has taken over.