Integrated for Maggie MMG's

If you had $750 to spend on an integrated amp(new or used) for a pair of Magnepan MMG's in a somewhat bright room with an emphisis on Jazz recordings, what would you buy? I will probably get a powered sub at some point to do bass duty. I am leaning towards the NAD 317. Reasons: Decent power,power upgrade with NAD 214, preamp defeat for use in home theater applications and maybe an outboard tube preamp for fun. Please help, this decision is driving me nuts.
Additional info: Small room(approx 12'x16'), digital only for now-phono not necessary.
Oscilb, cannot comment on the MMG's, but I purchased a NAD 317 and love it. Great little integrated that has plenty of power for my PSB Stratus Bronze a large room. I downsized from seperates and tube gear to take a break and save some money. I enjoy the NAD so much I think I am going to keep it forever and put some money into my home theater setup. NAD has their priorities right -- they focus on the music -- although, the 317 looks great, and has a nice remote. I have heard the Maggie's are very revealing and crave power, IMHO the 317 would work great. You won't need to biamp using the 214. Good luck and let me know how you like the MMG's.
You might want to consider an Audiolab 8000S (full retail $1,095) now being closed out at $549 new if Artech Electronics has any left. Audiolab was acquired by Tag McLaren and no longer exists but this amp was current until about a year ago and was very highly thought of at full retail. Might lean towards the analytical, but with the left over $200 you could buy a used Cardas Golden power cord. I use an older 8000A (about 12 years old so reliability should not be a problem!) with a Cardas Golden cord and it really transforms the amp in my opinion. I think you'd have to spend alot more to get not much more performance.
If you can find a used Classe CAP-80 or CAP-100 in that price range...they are an excellent match with Magnepans. Also, the Bryston 60 and the SimAudio Celeste work very well with Magnepans.
I friend of mine had a system of mg 1's and a Tandberg 3012a. That was one of the best imaging systems I have ever heard. The room was very small(8' by 12'). It was rectangular and the speakers were on the short wall. Tim
I took the plunge and will audition the Audio Refinement Complete this weekend. If anyone is interested in the results let me know.
Osclib: Yes, I am interested in how the audition goes. There are no dealers in the LA area that I can find. I had wanted to put a small SET system in our small spare bedroom, but am having second thoughts due to heavy cat traffic. Bodily fluids being piped onto open tube gear would not work out well for either party involved. Not to mention the paw factor. I read that amp is "tube" like. The MMG's should easily be able to show whether this is the case. I also used their CD player for a short while and would not hesitate to pick another one up used for appearance purposes as well as the sound.
Osclib, you were a big help in convincing me to try a bottlehead amp kit. I'm sorry I can't help you much, here. All I can say is that my Rogue 88 power amp with my MMG's, will make you cry. I wish you could hear it.
Carl: Did you try the bottleheads? If so what do you think about them? The price seems too good to be true. I have not figured out a good way other than a small chicken coop (for the amps, not the cats) to use tube amps in our home yet. But am still looking at the resale shops for some kind of funky cabinet that will look good and still serve that purpose.
Hey Carl, I am delighted you are going to try the Bottlehead. I really look forward to your comments on it. I am sure the Rogue is fantastic with the MMG's, but it is just a bit out of my price range right now (wife factor). I am hoping that the Complete will match up with the MMG's. If it does not, the seller is willing to take it back and I will continue my search. I really want to thank Zhupanov for allowing me to test the amp out before buying it. I have never dealt with a better seller than this man. Oh Dekay, I really want to thank you for that image of "bodily fluids being piped on to tube gear" that keeps running through my head. Review to come!!