Integrated for Harbeth Small Room System

I am the new owner of Harbeth P3esr's. My room is 11x12 so picked these speakers because sealed cabinet and they fit and sound great in a small room. My source is computer through Cambridge Audio Dac Magic (for now). Looking for a solid state integrated amp that will pair well with the small but talented Harbeths. Keys great low level listening, take advantage of the harbeth mids, and these little speakers do great 5 inch woofer bass so want to make sure the low end is there.

My budget is $5,000 tops - less would be real good. A variety of music - should sound equally great with Sonny Rollins as it would with Jack White. Some of the contenders I have been thinking about are Luxman integrated, the Sugden 21se, and Ayre AX-7.
LFD or Naim, no need to search further or spend more.
Luxman, yes, Sugden, yes, Ayre, no way.
Also consider LFD, Lavardin.
Have fun!
Accuphase integrated amp or luxman

And if you think tubes might be an option in the future, Manley Stingray.
Can't go wrong with above recommendations.
How about Musical Fidelity A1. It has a USB port for your computer, and "Class A" sound. It's being discounted by Audio Advisor for $999. If 36 RMS will be sufficient , it might be worth a try.
seems like some real consistency - british / european integrateds. Why not Ayre, are there north american solid state integrated amps that would match well with harbeths. If not why?
I strongly recommend the Naim Nait XS. The Harbeths will sing with this integrated amp. It has more than enough power for your room. BTW, I am also using the DAC Magic, driven by Squeezebox Duet.
Certain synergy with the British amps and Harbeth speakers. Not saying they won't work with other brands, just work better magic with Brit gear, LFD and Naim especially.
I can recommend the Atoll IN-100. Fantastic build quality and very musical. It does not sound "dry" as do some SS amps, and that might make it a good match for the Harbeths. I recently bought a dealer demo w/ less than 20 hours on it, full waranty and remote for <$800.
You're really missing out by not trying the Leben CS-300x. It's a tube unit but so far better than the Supernait I heard on the same system. I even preferred it to the CS-600, the 300's big brother.

But if SS is what you want do check out the SuperNait from Naim. The DAC alone will really make your computer system sing. The Sugden is also a great choice.
Good luck!
I just picked up a Cambridge 550, first impressions are very good for their new series. Price is so low that you can return if you don't like. Nothing to lose.
I have read great things about the Leben but have two tube amps here already. Breaking the p3esrs in with a Tube Audio Lab 300b amp through an electrocompanient preamp and surprisingly no real problems driving the speakers with the SET amp (that really belongs to my Zus in my main system). Have read some of the Naim Nait xs reviews and this sounds like my amp. No one selling the Naim around here although would love to borrow one and have it go head to head with my 300b / electrocompanient combo. Smholl - have my pc going through a squeezebox into dacmagic as well. As I type Avett Brothers new one streaming - these P3's are the most amazing little small room speakers I have heard!
Ladavid - Looks like there is a Nait XS for sale here on Audiogon. Good price too.
Luxman N100 tube or their 550 solid state.
I sold my LFD because both run circles around this.
Can second the posting about the Leben 300. Very musical. Heard it in a NYC store and was very impressed with it powering DeVores.

I also like Almarro from Japan. Their entry level amps are amazing, especially the 318, for price/performance.
To be honest. For low level listening I would go for the Luxman. Those tone controls are well implemented and dire in low level listening. Also you would be gaining more transparency (as well as some other things) over the Naim.

That would be my choice. The lfd can have a little less bass than desired with the P3.
If you read Harbeth designer Alan Shaw's opinion in their user forum, you will find that he's not a big fan of expensive amps.

One of the best sound experience I had was at a Legacy demo. Those Whispers sounded absolutely amazing, driven by a very modestly priced Sherwood amp.
I use a NaimUniti with my Harbeth C7's. Absolutely love them. The Uniti will stream the music from your pc. Worth a look.
If you read Harbeth designer Alan Shaw's opinion in their user forum, you will find that he's not a big fan of expensive amps.
Not only that, he is in the minority group who believes that all amplifiers sound the same, hence the reason of him not being a fan of exotic amps.
If I was in the speaker business, I might say that all amps sound the same.
I've mentioned this elsewhere but Tony Manasian of Tonian Labs uses an old Audiolab 8000A to demo his speakers. And they sound wonderful. Its not that just any old amp will do, but he stressed that that old Audiolab had only one transistor per channel which allows the signal to get in and out quickly. Its the speed of the amp that helps gets the music right.
I guess.
My search for the best value in an integrated amp is over.
5i/Harbeth P3ESR SE. Wow!
I'm a Harbeth dealer. In addition to LFD and them both. I'd have to throw in Rogue Tempest 3 Magnum version and the less expensive Cronus Magnum. Pitifully over looked product and company. This American made stuff is stellar and forgotten about by many audiophile.
Hi ive been listening to Harbeth's p3esr with lavardin is for over year right now. Ive tried many amps including: NAIT XS, Destiny, primare i30 (v.1), used jadis ds200, manley labs stingray 2 and lavardin. (my cd is creek evolution since ive been using it with paired amp previously). Here are my thoughts:
NAIT XS - overhyped, i dont like this type of sound, too much bass in my small room.
DESTINY - too polite, improvement over evo but wanted something better.
Primare i30 - had the best drive of them all, but the sound was too clinical in some types of music (like jazz) but for rock/pop a winner.
Jadis ds200 - my friend had been using it with Avalon speakers, but paired with harbeth it was not a good combo, You could barely hear the distant planes, the first plane was too big.
MANLEY LABS STINGRAY2 - ahhh, the best midrange, the sound of every jazz and instrumental music ive heard was magical in triode mode, however it lacked the drive of primare i30 in rock music.

Lavardin is - midrange not as magical as stingray but pretty close, drive, pace - much better. Half the price of manley. oh, ive been testing it A to B with is reference - for me not much of a difference in this setup.

Now im looking for a cd to replace my creek evolution. Ive been trying Nait XS but didnt like it, i need something that would open the sound and expands the stage.
Hey thanks for those comparisons. I switched from a Cyrus 8vs2 to a SimAudio i-3 and saw a big difference in speed, bass and refinement with the Sim - no contest between those two...
I opted for LFD 'cos I don't like to be treated as a 'walking wallet' re the never-ending upgrades. With the LFD Zero 3 and the 4, and all their stuff I guess, they built it right - first time!