Integrated for Genesis 500's

I am looking for an integrated amp for my Genesis 500 speakers. I love tube sound but want to avoid continued retubing costs. My speakers have their own internal amps for the bass drivers so I don't *believe* I need a lot of power--but help me if I'm wrong. Would the Ayre AX-7e or an Electrocompaniet integrated amp be a good fit here? I have owned gear from both companies and know I love the sound, looks, and reliability, just not sure whether these integrated amps would be a good match for my speakers. I was using an ARC VT100 MkIII and BAT VK-30SE with these speakers but need to downsize. I need at least one balanced input on the amp.
The older Genesis speakers (up to around 2005) had impedances that went down sometimes to 1 ohm, so while they don't require much power, 60W is plenty, we generally recommend far larger SS amp. The Genesis I60 was designed for these punishing loads, and while we sold out long ago, they sometimes come up in the used section here.

I've heard the ECI3 with the G501 which matched pretty well as long as you're not cranking it.