Integrated for Gallo 3.1's

I'm looking for an integrated amp to power my Gallo 3.1's. I prefer solid state and something from more of a "mainstream" company, easier to find used, easier to service, etc.

My room is large. It's a section of our finished basement, approx. 900 sq ft in total.

Wide range of musical tastes, Dave Matthews, Norah Jones, Joe Sample, Chris Isaak, Sade, etc.

I've tried a couple of different integrateds, Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista M3 and A5. I found them both to be a little soft in the low end. Krell KAV 400xi, a little bright on the top and not so smooth in the midrange. One of the larger PS Audio integrateds, can't remember the model, didn't like it at all, no detail on the top end, soft on the low end, etc.

Budget is somewhere close to $2000, give or take.

Thinking about Bel Canto, Jeff Rowland, what else? I'll consider any suggestions.