Integrated for Gallo 3.1

I am currently powering my Gallos with a Mcintosh 6450. My source is a macbook pro streaming apple lossless files through an airport express and into a Bryston BDA-1. I have been told the Mac is the weak link in the chain and have always considered upgrading it at some point, even though I do love the blue meters. It's only 50w into 8 ohms and I'd like a little more headroom.

Looking to invest 2-3K more, assuming a sell the Mac so maybe 4K or less used. Was thinking about a Levinson 383 or Classe CAP-2100. Any thoughts or other suggestions? thanks
I heard an ARC VSI60 on the G 3.1's sounded incredible to me...some of the best sound I've ever heard. If I had the 3.1s, I'd already have one!
I have a vsi60 that I run my Gallo 3.5's with.
I love the combo.
don't let anybody try to tell you you need hi current SS amps for this speaker.The vsi is a fantastic match.
What are you using for cables?
Anthony Gallo uses Spectron amps for all his demo setups, you should check their lineup for an integrated.

I am using a Butler TDB-5150 tub/MOSFET hybrid with 150 watts/ch., 5 channels. It sounds *terrific* and I have no desire to change this setup...There is a Butler TDB-2250 for sale on A'gon, take a look.

Good Luck,

If you like your Mac then why not one of their higher powered SS integrateds like the 6900?
I'm using Cardas Neutral Reference Speaker cables
I found cabling to make a significant difference with my Gallo 3.1 speakers. I used the following amps with mine. Response Audio modified Jolida 502b, Mac 6900, Wyred 4 sound ST1000, Clayton S40, Unison Research Unico SE,and Ayon Spirit II.

Of the integrateds the Ayon was the best overall with sparkling highs, liquid midrange and decent but slightly soft bass. The Unico SE hybrid was very, very good. It was fast with tremedous grip on the bass, better than all others I tried.

When I had the Mac I was using all Acoustic Zen wire and I was dissapointed in the sound, it was flat, closed in, and muffled. It is the only MAC I have had or heard and given it's reputation I don't think it was the amp as much as the synergy with the wire and the speakers.

After I switched to all Morrow wire I felt I could hear the character of the different amps much better.

The Clayton is only 50 watts a channel Class A all the way and it was plenty of power and souded very good with a tube preamp.

What kind of music do you listen to?
My speaker cables are transparent music wave.

I listen to all kinds of music, everything really. Recently, a lot of Radiohead, Arcade Fire, M. Ward, Talking Heads, Van Morisson, Fleetwood Mac.. although, when listening through this system I tend to stay away from boring recordings, even if I like the music.
Those bass drivers are 4 ohms, and as such like a nice high current SS amp. I'd look into something with 150WPC or more that doubles into 4 ohms.

If I were to upgrade to a more powerful Mac like the 6600 with 200wpc, would the fact that it has an autoformer making it 200 wpc into 2/4/8 ohms make a negative impact, given what you are saying?