Integrated for Canton Ergos

I have a pair of Ergo 1002 DC towers. I listen to 2 channel stereo; Rock, Jazz, Country, some Classical. I had a Rotel RX-1052 when I got the Ergos and they certainly made it sound better. The 1052 is a 100 WPC class A/B with a reputation of "punching above its weight." Many people compare it to Adcoms and Arcams. Of course some do not. I was recently advised that my speakers deserve a better amp/pre. I had an opportunity to demo a Creek 5350SE. It is supposed to be in a different league than the Rotel altogether. I was not blown away. Better at some things and others not so much. I thought I'd consult any fellow Canton owners as to what integrateds you may be using, especially with Ergos and other towers, that you think brings out the best in them.