Integrated for B&W CM7s?


My current system consists of B&W CM7s, a Rega P2 turntable, and lossless music streamed via iTunes and an Airport Express. At the moment this is all running through an Onkyo TX-SR804 AVR w/ the Airport Express connecting via toslink.

I'm looking for an integrated amp and a separate DAC to replace the Onkyo (unless I find a decent integrated with a DAC). Analog is important and I'll eventually upgrade to a P3. I have no plans to go back to a dedicated CD player and will continue to use the lossless iTunes solution for digital (may eventually move to a Mac Mini connected directly to a DAC).

An obvious choice for B&W is Rotel RA-1520. However, I'm also interested in either Naim Nait 5i or the Rega Mira 3. The challenge is finding a Rega dealer that also has B&W to try the CM7 -> Mira 3 combo. Anyone have opinions of the Naim or particularly the Mira 3 with B&W? I've listened to both with the Rega RS3/5 and various Totems, but never the B&Ws. I've also demoed the Rotel/CM7 combination but not in the same dealer - so comparisons are difficult. Any other combinations you'd suggest with the CM7s?

Room is 12 x 20 feet. I'd like to keep the integrated to < $1500 USD and another $500 - $1000 USD for a DAC. Music is quite varied with the focus being acoustic jazz.
look at Plinius 8150 amp and MSB DAC Platinum(early Series)
should sell for around 1000 to 1500 I have both for 4 years
and had no desire to upgrade also look at MSB's their ilink 2 are on audiogon now
FWIW, I used to have B&W CM4 (the previous line) with Rotel RB1080 amp and RC1070 pre and sounded very good to me. I later discovered B&W aluminum tweeters work really well with tubed amplification, again, to my ears (and now with B&W 804S).
I've got CM7's and have an unusual setup. For 2ch, I use the NAD M3 Master Series amp running Discovery Essential Speaker Cables with good quality banana plugs. When I want to watch HT, I'm using an Onkyo Receiver, Discovery 123 Speaker Cables, CM Center2 and B&W Side Speakers, no rear. I wanted to keep everything separate so I just swap speaker cables when I want to watch movies. I also have the CM10 sub but the CM7's have enough bass for 2ch so it's only used for LFE.

Front end is Cambridge Audio, Auzure 840c, Bryston Dac, Discovery Essence Interconnect and Kimber Silver digital.

Everything is setup by laser for precise imaging,even 1/4" misalignment of toe-in and distance to my ears make a huge difference.
Speakers sit on Mapleshade Wood with brass under the speakers, tilted back for time alignment, and Heavyweight Brass spikes into the carpet.

This system images like $10,000 speakers for much less money. Setup is critical, they need lots of room behind the speakers, toed-in so the tweeters cross 12-18" in front of my nose. Time alignment is done by assuring the distance from my nose is equal to the tweeters, midrange and woofer. They create almost holographic imaging with this setup.

I'd like to re-wire the CM7's so if anyone knows anything about wire mods or crossover improvements, please let me know.