Integrated for B&W 604 S3 in the 1000 to 2000 rang

First, I must state that my budget restricts me to being an audio-enthusiast (not phile). I have a pair of B&W DM604 S3 and am looking for an integrated amplifier to drive them in the 1000 to 2000 (new or used).

I listen manly to rock like radiohead, travis, David Gray, Dave Matthews and coldplay. However I also listen to a lot of acoustic like Chris Smither, Greg Brown, Dylan, Nanci Griffith, Joni Mitchell, and others. Occasionally I will listen to jazz/vocal like Miles Davis, Nina Simone, Herbie Hancock as well as others. Needless to say my musical taste are young and it seems rare that people review listening to components listening with this kind of music.

I am looking to build a budget system with my B&W and would like to begin with a nice solid state integrated in the 1 to 2 proce range. I have read many good reviews about the Simaudio, and have found lightly used ones in my price range.

1. Could someone please suggest a good integrated for my speakers and my music type?
2. Is wattage an issue if I like to listen to music loud sometimes or would something like the simaudio be fine for creating musically accurate loud music?
3. Could I add a subwoofer (B&W ASW600) directly to this integrated or would I have to increase the amps?

I hope this does not make me sound like a head banger, but I sometimes get the feeling that most audio-philes listen jazz and classical and when things get crazy they take out their rolling stones. In the end I want a simple, quality system that delivers younger music accurately and some times loudly.

Thanks for the feed back
There was a good discussion a few weeks back titled "Integrated or Seperates" that you may find useful. I was in your same situation, but willing to spend a bit more. My musical tastes are very similar and I almost pulled the trigger on the Plinius 2800 MkII. I never listened to it, but based on everything I read it was the front runner.

Good luck
Rotel is distibuted by B&W and also with rock music.
In the end I want a simple, quality system that delivers younger music accurately and some times loudly.

That would be BVaudio A300S, capable of delivery the finnest detail and accuracy like a mangnifying glass.
My taste in music is very similar to yours and I was in your position not long ago. The amps on my short-list were:

1. Unison Research Unico
2. Audio Refinement Complete
3. Creek 5350SE
4. LFD Mistral LE

I think you'd be well served with any of these amps. For me and with my speakers (Triangle Titus 202) in my room (17x20x10 with fireplace in one corner), the AR Complete proved to be the best match. I never heard the Mistral, much to my regret, but the lack of a remote option kinda put the kibosh on it. Still, I may look into getting one some day. At any rate, give any of these amps a listen--I think the Creek and LFD fall around the $1500 mark, the Unico is around $1300 and the Complete is a steal at $995. For used options, I'd look at a Plinius 8100 or 8200 and Classe CAP-151.
Thanks for all the help from everyone who has responded. In studying integrateds and components in general, I have found the number of choices daunting. This site does a lot to help clarify some of them.

Thanks audiogon and those who participate in it.

I was in the same position as you not too long ago (very similar speakers/budget/musical tastes). I didn't want to go with used gear, partly because I couldn't find the amp I wanted used. I went with a Music Fidelity A3.2. It mates well with B&W. You should give it a try. You can get one new in the $1350 price range, which will leave you some calms for some new tunes.