Integrated for around 1K to match with..

Looking for suggestions on an itegrated amp to go with a Denon DVD-2500 as trans. Bel Canto DAC-1 and a pair of Coincident Triumph Signatures. I currently have a set of Rogue M-120's and an Anthem Pre1L, but would like to free up some space. Hunt
Recommend you proceed with caution. At MRSP, you will give up sound quality in switching to an integrated at the $1,000 price level. Would recommend stretching to $1,500 at which Audio Research CA50 (used) are attainable. Musical Fidelity also makes some highly rated units at this price point. Also saw a posting today for a Goldmund integrated for, I believe, $1,300. If you're a tube lover, the Goldmund may not be to you taste, but it's a very high quality unit. Good luck.
Hwy: this is the second post mentioning the availability of the AR integrated being available used at around $1500.00. I see them more in the $2300.00 to 2500.00 price range. I do however see the Conrad Johnson CAV50 used in the $1700.00 to 1850.00 range occasionaly. Of the three including the Rouge's I have only auditioned the CJ amp which I enjoyed (had a less modern "less clinical" sound) and thought was very musical. I did listen to the AR once, but just very briefly. AES (Cary) made an intergrated (a couple of years ago) that retailed for around $1500.00, is anyone familiar with it? There is also the Moon SS integrated that retails for around $1300.00 (I think). Also the Audion pseudo SET (12 watts per) amp the Sterling, that has a volume pot and can run one source without the addition of a preamp ($1100.00 to 1200.00 new). The Sterling will also accept a wide variety (different types) of output tubes. In another thread Dragon is also looking for a quality (detailed) tube integrated in/around the $1000.00 to $1500.00 price range. There might be more info there.
I defer to Dekay as to the price of used AR CA50. My info on its price was from the other post.
Don't know if it is a match for your system, but the Audio Refinement Complete is the best $1000 (MSRP) integrated I have ever heard. I've seen its big brother the YBA Integre DT go used on eBay a number of times for around $1,000 to $1,100 including this week.
I have owned a Audio Refinement complete which I sold immediately after auditioning a Passion i11 integrated 36w EL34 $1100. Whoowee this wiped the floor with the complete check out the distributor or talk to Walter at I have spent considerable time looking for the $1000 integrateds and the sound quality of this unit should be comperable or even exceed your current setup I watched as another customer compared it to his $3500 Sonic frontiers setup. he sold th SF gear. Best of luck, Chel Illingworth
I would seriously re think to.You are going take a huge step down.I have a M120 and have used with the Coincident triumphs.Pretty special sound.these are made for each other.I use the 66 preamp.I use the Super Conquest as my main speakers and us the Triumph in a HT set up.I wish i could experience the Bel canto.You really have a nice set up.No real weak link.The grass is not allways greener.If you really must go to an integrated go with the Rogue Tempest.
David, i got myself the SFC-1 (Sonic Frontiers Control) which is basicaly combination of SF-1 pre and SF-40 amp. factory stocked with El-34,(2x50wpc) however it will use 6552, KT-88, KT-90 and KT-99a. Versatility was determing factor (price too)and of course Sonic Frontiers reputation. If anyone had chance to hear this amp, i would like to hear your opinion. Thanks!
Congratulations Dragon! Should be wonderful with your ACI's. Hope you don't have to eat too many Po' Boys to pay it off. LOL. Let us know how it works out.
HA-ha, that was good one David i accept that! I ate Po-boy once, and i hated it. Than, we have rice and beans... I'll let you know, and i am waiting for the photo of the 1 ton table...?
Yes, CONGRATULATIONS Eldragon on your new baby!!! I wish you good luck with it. I think it will be the perfect amp for you. May you enjoy a long and fruitful relationship with it. While you're in N.O., do you plan on downing a bunch of Hurricanes? Also, what do you think of crawfish, and Bananas Foster?
Crawfish? Too much work. I like anything "blackened' though and Gumbo is good too. Hurricanes are OK, but havent tried Banana Foster! I am going to check some micro-breweries...will report on that! Thanks Joe!