Integrated for Aria 906

I’m looking for an integrated amp, preferably with DAC (wife friendly space saving) to make my Focal Aria 906 speakers sing. 

My my room is 5x4m, with a 2m opening to the kitchen.

My budget is equivalent to $2,200.

I live in Daejeon, Korea. So shipping charges, if product not available in korea will have to be taken into consideration. 

Any recommendations? 
 Have a search for used Devialet 120.  Extremely wife friendly,  built-in DAC and phonostage, great sound, upgradable, Probably a little bit more than your budget, but worth considering! There is one for sale on Audiogon for about $3k.

 When you want to upgrade, you can send it to France, Upgrade the internals to the next model, and keep the same chassis.

They also show up on the European equipment websites. Lastly, they are natively dual voltage.

good luck!

ps: I adore Korea! I lived there for a couple of years as a young person teaching English. I miss good 된장찌개!
I have a Creek Evo100 with the Ruby DAC module that’s extremely wife-friendly and space saving. Plus it sounds great with the speakers I’ve paired it with so far...though I admittedly haven’t had the Focals you’re using. One weird downside is that you can’t turn the unit on from the remote, which may or may not be an issue depending on your intended use. 

A used Hegel or a new Peachtree Nova would also fit the bill, are generally well regarded, and often recommended on this forum. I’ve heard the Nuprime IDA-16 referred to as the poor man’s Devialet...probably worth checking out, especially if you aren’t interested in buying used.
Thank you thank you for the suggestions. I’ll look at the used market here, and availability of new. 
I currently have the Nuprime IDA-8 which is good, but low level listening isn’t the most detailed imo. Lacks dynamics at night time listening, maybe due to its warmth. A minor criticism. 
I'm aware that this post comes rather late, but I thought it could still be useful to people looking for an amplifier for their Arias 906s. I auditioned a number of amps recently, and decided on the Audiolab 6000A. The sound I was looking for had to be warm and delicate, without any sharpness in the midrange, as any strident sound causes my to have a migraine (!). So not an easy task :-)
Besides the Audiolab, I listened to the following amplifiers, all through the Arias: Arcam SA10, NAD C368 and Bluesound Powernode 2i (the last one seems a bit crazy, I know, but I was actually rather curious!). 
The 6000A proved to be a perfect match to the Arias. As mentioned in a number of reviews, this amp is characterized by clarity, a clean, tidy and fast sound which - if it is slightly dry - is 'humanised' by the warm, sweet and sensitive character of the Arias. Interestingly, despite its somewhat analytical character, this amp is never harsh or strident, but - at least when paired with the Arias - it retains a sweet nature and a pleasing and refined transparency.
By comparison, the Arcam sounded warmer in the midrange (which, together with the treble, remained clear and refined) but was plagued by a loose and overblown bass, which affected intelligibility and musical insight. The NAD had a tighter, cleaner bass, with lots of power on reserve, but less clarity in the midrange and highs. The NAD sound is rounded, warm and pleasing, but slightly lacking in musical transparency and seeming a little 'veiled'. Neither the Arcam or the NAD worked well with the Arias, in my view - although they might display different strengths with other speakers. As for the Bluesound (in case you were wondering), it had a surprisingly clean and organised sound - at least at listening levels. However the sound remains a bit lean and undernourished, and quickly falls apart at higher volumes. For a 'lifestyle' tiny product, though, it is surprisingly accomplished. 
In my view, therefore, the Audiolab 6000A and the Aria 906s are a phenomenal match. This combination sounds very mature and proficient and I personally think that it surpasses many systems twice as expensive.
Hope this may be of some help. :-)