Integrated for Alon II mkII under $1200

Hi, I am looking for an intgrated or seperates for my 2nd system. I want to spend under $1200. I would like to have a remote. My speakers are AlonII mkII and I am using a Stan Warren modded Awia/MSB cd combo. The Awai/MSB has a low output so I don't think a passive will work very well. I was considering a Plinius 8150, Classe CAP150, and Krell 300i. I don't have any stores in my area that carry any of these brands. I am open to seperate amp preamp combos as I have some quality interconnects laying around. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
i dont know if a intergrated would have enough current to drive the alons...i would take a look at muse monos or pse studio v monoblocks. they are really wonderful ss amps, that are neutral, transparent, and dynamic ( and very relaible).they are/were $2500 new and can be had on the used market for $500 to $600 /pair.

for a preamp that is a great match is the audio research ls2b mII/mkIII or audible illusions ls1. the above is a killer combination !!!!

your alons will love you for it. they are a extremly high resolution design that will reveal everything. once you get them setup with good gear, i think you will be surprised.

btw, be expected to drop some $$$ on interconnects/speaker cable/power cords. they make a huge difference with the gear and the speakers will easily reveal it. for interconnects, i use xlo signiture II between pre to amp and wireworld eclipse V between cd to pre.

hope that helps !!!

I think you could get a variety of integrateds and get great sound. I have a pair of Model 1's I've been using for a few years and love their sound. I'd look at getting at least 100w/ch of SS. In looking through the AGon ads, a few that stuck out worth looking into are the Portal Panache, Sim Audio I-5, Musical Fidelity A3.2 or Plinius 8150/8200. All those amps would be very nice with your Alon's. Good luck!
Thanks for the replies. I have decided to go the seperates route. I purchased a Dared SL-2000A preamp for $300. I am now looking for an amp in the $1000 range.