Integrated decisions for under $1500

Hi all...

i've pretty much narrowed down my choices to two, and am looking for any input from previous or current owners of either piece.

1. Manley Stingray.
I've owned one. I know I love it. my only complaint, no remote. My only concern...will its 40 tube watts give me enough "ooomph" ? driving Von Schweikert VR2100s. I believe the speakers are rated at 91db, so i would expect that this would work well.

2. Pathos Classic One
never heard one...I'd be buying based on reputation alone, but I've read endless glowing reviews so I can't see how i'd be dissapointed.
only downfall......its a few hundred more on average for a used one.

will its 70wpc be WAY more power than the Stingray's 40?
Youd' think so, but I've learned power ratings are NOT eqaul, and that 50w of SS is never as beefy or loud as 50 tube watts.
for that matter, class A operation also makes a difference.

is the Pathos "light years" ahead?
nobody has ever really written a review for the stingray in any of the popular magazines, or have I missed anything?
I have not heard the Stingray, but I would still suggest it over the Pathos. I've owned the pathos and was not impressed. It's rated at 70 watts, but seems under powered to me.

I think you may find the Stingray to be more powerful regardless of its rating.

I know many other people have loved the Pathos and I have yet to figure out why.
I have owned Cary SLI-80 and Rogue Tempest II. If you can squeeze your budget a little, I highly recommend Tempest II. Easy to bias (built-in meter), great bass and transparency, better extensions than Cary, and built like a tank (60+ lb). Not seen on Audiogon often, but worth the wait and extra $$$.
If you've not tried the digital amps, you might take a look. Bel Canto has the S300i which you can find used on Audiogon for right at the $1,500 mark. (I have the S300 power amp and am extremely pleased with it.) NuForce also has an integrated amp (the IA-7) which I believe retails for under your budget.
Can you stretch to $1700 - give the Valve Audio Exclame 100 hybrid a try (try Music Direct). I had one for a year and now owns the big brother, Prdator. WOW!!
thanks all.
I believe the Stingray is my direction. about tube rolling ?

a little exercise to adjust the volume can't be all that bad.
If it's anything like my VTL tiny triodes, I would go for the stingray. You even get the Ultralinear switch if you want to rock & roll. If you want the best tubes, talk to Andy at Vintage Tube Services.