Integrated decision - dartzeel or gryphon

Hi all, I'm looking at buying a integrated and was hoping to hear people impressions of the dartzeel cth8550 and gryphon Diablo 300.
the Cth has been around for a while now and seems to get a mixed response, any long term owners that can share experiences would be much appreciated.
diablo 300 is the flavour of the month and seems to be gathering universal praise so far.
ill mainly be using a TAD dac and Wilson speakers. I listen to a very wide array of music, it's all on the table for me.
thanks for reading

I have not had a chance to hear the Gryphon, but I did audition the Dartzeel.  My impression is that it's a good integrated, but you pay a huge premium for the name and craftsmanship in areas which do not necessarily translate into better sound. 

If you are looking for a piece of audio jewelry, the Dartzeel is a fine choice, but I think there are better overall integrateds when you get to that level.
Thanks for the response theothergreg.
Which other integrated are you aware of? 
The Diablo and Dart are going for the same money where I am so the Huge premium isn't applicable with these 2 units for me.
I’ve heard great integrated amps from Simaudio, MBL, Jeff Rowland, Vitus and Audia Flight. This is by no means a complete list of great integrateds, but they are worth a listen if you are looking to buy a Dartzeel. I’d love to hear a Gryphon, but they are not available near me.
This may not be terribly helpful, as I have not heard either of those that you mention. However, while I have heard newer and more expensive amps in the interim, I have felt absolutely no desire to "upgrade" from my Jeff Rowland Concentra for the 10+ years that I have owned it. 

Dartzeel. From ergonomics to flawless sound I can't imagine better and I've had way to much high end gear for my own financial wellbeing. It replaced a JRDG duo of recent vintage retailing around 26k. It's actually reasonably priced if you value sonics above all and like it wrapped in a beautiful package. I believe that it will compare favorably to virtually anything except another Dartzeel.. FWIW

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D'Agostino or save some money and try a Krell Vanguard from Music Direct with return option.  I've had some 5 figure gear that does not compare to the Vanguard!  Listen for yourself and then decide.  Sim and Rowland aren't too shabby either.
Wilsons need power, and some more in big rooms so i would pick Gryphon...Dartzeel doesn't even double up to 4 Ohms...its a hell of an amplifier, heard it with more than few speakers...has great musicality but its just too expensive for what it gives...Gryphon is better value, more powerful, better all arounder (you said you listen wide array of music so Diablo will have greater soundstage, more control and bass autority with rock,HC,metal and also electronic music), brand new product with heavily using tech. from their top shelf reference gear, built on a very high level and still considerably cheaper than Dart...