Integrated confusion? Levinson 383 or JRConcentra

Which integrated?
Jeff Rowland Concentra or Levinson 383 integrated amplifier?
Speaker: Sonus Faber Electa Amator I
Source: Digital and Analog (phono not important-no need)
Music : Jazz / Classical / Pop Rock!!!!!!!!!!
Two great amps, two different "flavors". I am not familiar with those speakers so I cannot really say.
YBA Passion Integre all the way... You should audition before buying...
I have heard neither personally, but my dealer here in DC carries both the Lev and Rowland int you write about and uses the same speaker you use (amator 1). His choice? the rowland.
The 383 and the JRDG are, certainly great integrateds. I, however, liked the YBA Passion Integre better than both. It killed the Levinson, and the sweetness and tubelike qualities couldn't be matched by the Concentra. The $ is right and the quality is incredible. Now is the time, before Sam Tellig's review comes out. Then, everybody and their mother will want one. It's definitely worth a listen.
Sorry to bump in with another choice: has anyone tried the Pathos Logos hybrid integrated? It certainly looks cool and Pathos are well regarded as sweet sounding etc.
I had a Concentra II, and it wasn't my cup of tea. I have auditioned the Levinson, and it always was cold and sterile to me. Not bothersome, but not exciting.

If it were me, I would audition the new BAT (i am trying to do this as well).
Here is a response from a customer of ours who bought the Logos to replace his Rowland:

"Just to make it official, you will NOT be getting this beauty back! UNBELIEVEABLE!!! I was hoping it would be good, but man! Right now it is just too difficult for me to put into words just how wonderful I think this integrated is. It's a shame there isn't more press or attention given to the Logos. It blows the Rowland Concentra away! Not even close! Such power and grace. The ease and flow the music has. The warmth and texture, the immediacy and detail. The delicacy and impact! The air!! YIKES!! It's cliche, but an iron fist in a velvet glove is a perfect description of this baby. It sounds better than it looks which I would have thought impossible.

Thanks again!!!!!"