Integrated comparison

Anyone have experience or thoughts on ARC CJ or Cary (SLI 80) integrateds on Proac 1sc. Thanks
I think the ARC CA-50 sounds nice with 1sc... Cary also does a nice job. I personally prefer the ARC sound vs. the Cary... Both are nice pieces of equipment and I think you should make the choice based on the sonic differences. People say the ARC is more like "Solid State", where as the Cary has "the classic tube sound". They are different, both have endearing qualities.
Hi, that's my system, ARC CA-50 w/Proac 1SC's, and it makes beautiful sound. Haven't heard the Cary, but I've been curious about SET's with these speakers. But you cannot go wrong with the ARC/Proac combo, in my experience. I also use a REL Storm III w/the Proacs and you cannot tell these are not full range speakers. Warm, detailed, musical, gorgeous on the jazz, acoustic, and folk LPs and CDs I play on this system.
Ooops, I see you are the same guy who posted the other thread on the 1SC's and an amp. Sorry for the repetition! I recommend that you call Frank Huang at Audio Outlet in Mt. Kisko, NY (website and discuss the ARC/Proac combo. he sells both lines and highly recommended that combo to me. But he is very knowledgeable about tube equipment in general and could probably give you a good idea, at least verbally, of the sound differences you might expect.