integrated class A +D Hybrid or separate preamp and amp?


I am looking at going Class A+D hybrid , such as Devialet, WFS, etc... My question is: do I get separate electronics, such as DAC + preamp+ hybrid amp , or do I get an hybrid  integrated amp that does have a DAC inside ?

The reasoning/thoughts is that with one chassis , the manufacturer can spend the budget on the quality of the components , versus having three chassis and the connect cables. But , has technology really reach the point where manufacturers are able to deliver products that are actually good?

And, from reading a lot of forums, seems like a lot of thoughts are that the less elements in the sound chain, the better the music sound!

Looking forward to comments and ideas.

Hopes this make sense.


just thought I'd share my experience with a friends Devialet 400.
In short it is pretty impressive driving Magico Q3s and my B&W Signature 30s. Incredibly fast and detailed without being analytical,
with great bass weight and dynamics. The ASM software is truly amazing and had my 20 year old speakers rocking. It also sounded really nice with the 30K Raidhos...big and really fast with some incredible bass but not as well balanced as the Magicos IMO. Their is definitely an elegance to the Devialet that is very appealing. It was not embarrassed by his CH DAC and preamp (which is definitely more analog sounding and should be for 40k) and Constellation Amp which it replaced... The Devialet is faster and cleaner but not as warm and involving as the big Luxman mono blocks which are now also gone.
I'm a tube guy (CJ Pr 12s and Pr 16-2 and Pr 15) and prefer lush and rich sound over hyper detail and speed, but the 400 was a kick to listen to. Just depends what you prefer, and the Devialet has incredible flexibility.  My friend has been very happy with it and I love to be able to borrow it now and then :)