Integrated Choice - Down to two

Any responses if you have experience with either or both of these amps would be truly appreciated.

I have narrowed a decision down to either the Exposure 2010s2 for ss, or the Rogue Cronus for tubes. Which shall it be? I had tube seperates years ago and really loved the sound, but hated messing around if something went on the fritz. Would the Rogue be pretty trouble free?

Will pair with PSB Image T6's and a W4S Dac1. Average size room, I don't listen really loud, mostly jazz, female voclas, acoustic, etc. I crank it up once in a while with some louder stuff.
I had a Cronus and, compared to the Jolida 302 that preceded it, it was an improvement in dynamics and bass. Then I got a CJ CAV50 and this was even more of an improvement over the Cronus, especially in the midrange and depth of soundstage, which is particularly great for jazz and its relatively uncompressed production. I will be posting my CAV50 for sale on Saturday, since replaced by Manley Snapper monoblocks and Jumbo Shrimp preamp, so if you are interested, look for my ad then.
The Rogue is very trouble free and easy to use. Of course you will have to replace tubes at some point, and check bias every now and then.

It's a great option (IMHO).

I traded for an Exposure 2010s2 a few months back (sold it shortly after). I spent a little time with it then and it is a nice sounding integrated also.

***Rogue dealer disclaimer***
The big advantage with the exposure is you can leave it on all the time. I've had lots of tube amps and for me the hassle of having to turn them off and on all the time is enough to make me a solid state guy plus solid state is just as good anyway
It is true that turning a tube amp on and off for years is time you could have spent replacing all your shoelaces with velcro, learning to speak Croation, mastering Tai Chi, learning classic French offal smoking, and avoiding the dreaded "button pushing digit disintigration" syndrome. And solid state is "as good" at taking up space in an equipment rack but sounds utterly different in every way relative to tubes. Better? Who knows...but certainly more fun since you can monkey with a tube amp if you need to change's about the fun...
The Rogue is trouble free and easy to maintain. It's a bargain as well. The option to tube roll and upgrade (Magnum - kt120's) makes it an even better choice. Bias tool comes with it and it takes about 50 seconds to bias it every couple of months. Customer service is top notch.
I would say go with the Cronus magnum, without a doubt.
Rogue is coming out with a tube hybrid, which should allay any concerns over tubes as it will have a solid state amp section. May be the best of both worlds for yourself.
For mostly jazz, female voclas, acoustic, I prefer the Uninson S6 over the Rogue when I compared them side by side in my system. The Unison just gives your more depth, smoother midrange, and sweeter high