Integrated CD transport/DAC with streaming capability

What CD transports/DAC are available that are comparable to the Simaudio Neo 260D?
What do you want to stream? In most cases I would suggest an Oppo UDP 205, perhaps with the digital output of a Chromecast Audio.
Spotify, Itunes etc.  Thank you.
I'd also consider the Oppo 205 and then get it upgraded by someone like Electronic Visionary Systems ( to bring it to a much higher level.  Best of luck. 

I am not sure there is anything to improve on in the Oppo. Someone may change the sound for big money, but is that better?
Get real. Almost any current DAC over $1500 will handily expose the sonic limitations of a stock Oppo. Upgrades are a good choice if you need the Oppo's HT features.

I guess yours is a different reality than the facts of science and the rules of scientific enquiry.
Having been the proud owner of the World’s most modded Oppo I think I can say without fear of contradiction that the stock Oppo is OK. No bad, but nothing to get all up in arms about. 🤠 Everythung is relative. A. Einstein

An OPPO driving a $599 Synchro-Mesh reclocker through a reference S/PDIF BNC cable delivers 2psec jitter, similar to $10K+ transports.  No need for an expesnive transport.  Then, all you need is a decent DAC.  I would look at NOS DACs with no reclocking at the S/PDIF inputs.  There are many based on older NOS chips and new ones based on discrete R2R designs.  These are the current darlings.

Steve N.

Empirical Audio