integrated as a preamp

ive been using my cairn 4808nf integrated amp for about a year and a half, its the north face model 100 watter not the more popular class a A one. i believe other than amplification they are identical. it has two sets of preouts on the back. ive recently purchased the cairn K02 amp. should be here next week it runs class A or A/AB and just seems like a great step up for me ( i hope ).
so my question is, am i short changing my sound by using my integrated as my preamp , or is a solo preamp going to make a great improvement. this question based on the fact that ive been pretty happy with the sound of the integrated already ( but its never enough you know ).another reason i ask this is that i been very happy with the quality of cairn products, i also have the fog2 cdp. but i was checking out there preamp the nitro and it seems they didnt change much circut wise. just a facelift and those plug in option pieces. so i reason that the preamp portion is pretty similar circut wise, just unsure if having it wired to the internal amp would affect sound quality to the new amp ? any thoughts ? thanks.
I think you can use both of them in vertical biamplification if your speakers have two prs of binding posts.
my speakers jrwdo have 2 sets of posts but wont that short change the ones not hooked to the new better sounding class A amp?
As far as I know if you're only interested in class A all the time you mihgt have to use only one amp. As far as Cairn integrated goes it has good active preamp section plus you can use it as a headphone amplifier too.

If you want to experiment with both in class AB I guess they can work in vertical biamplification but most likely you will need to add extra volume controll for your poweramp.
thanks for the advice,when i get it hooked up i will play around a bit , see what sounds best.
Send an e-mail to Cairn. I've received excellent post-sales support from them.