Integrated around 200-300 quid

I'm looking for a used integrated to pair with my Monitor Audio Silver S1 bookshelf speakers and Arcam CD23, and i made a list of some amps i reckon i can find on eBay for that price:

Exposure 2010
Roksan Kandy mk3(MKiii)/L3(Liii)
Cambridge Audio 740a, 840a
Audiolab 8000s
Arcam A18, A28, A23, A32
Cairn Aria
NAD c326

It's a bit long but i'm pointing for the top three as they look to be the best value.

I also listen to music much more from my PC with an Echo Audiofire 2 interface/DAC. I don't know how this compares with dedicated DACs.
It would be nice to get an amp with USB input, but there's not a lot of them available. The Cambridge audio 851a seems nice but it's out of my budget.
I didn't know that people accept squid for payment but they are tasty when fried in a light batter.
Anyway my vote among your choices is the Roksan Candy/ or the Audiolab. I think both are a good notch better than the others, whose sound is just not detailed enough for me.
***BUT I am not buying it, you are, so you're just going to have to figure out a way of auditioning them!