Integrated amps with room correction...

Hello to all,

What are the integrated amps with or preamps only, with room correction...

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Not trying to dissuade the OP, but are you sure you need DSP? I spent a lot of time setting up and listening to a few pricey software DSP systems in my system thinking my sound would be improved. After a couple years of using DSP, one day I "accidently" listened without DSP and thought it was much more natural and enjoyable, warts and all, and haven't gone back.
Jaybee, room correction systems are not all the same, and some room correction systems are very subtitle yet effective.

The systems built into the products hardware tend to be the best sounding solutions.

The Micromega M series are some of the best sounding integrated amplifiers on the market. 

The Micromega amps repalced the Devialet and they sound way more musical, the dac is world class, so is the Class A/B amplifier stage.

We sell most of the best integrated amplifiers on the market including:

the Anthem STR, Micromega, Coda, Naim, Norma, Sythesis Krell and a few others.

The Micromega really shines.

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@cosmicjazz The Linn system can be used with any speakers, It is a rather elaborate system so I recommend you read a good review or speak to a Linn dealer. I heard the Linn DSM Selekt with Linn speakers but if you do some internet searches you will notice Linn introduced the DSM Selekt to the USA this year demoing with non-Linn speakers, KEF and B&W.

There is something about phase alignment of the drivers that works best with Linn speakers and the Linn products (?). They also have some customized configurations for non-Linn speakers for the DSM Selekt. This is the stuff you should speak to a Linn dealer about. I am no expert and getting myself confused here.

I was rather impressed with the DSM and was hoping that they would come out with a analog source input module, like the Lyngdorf 3400, but Linn decided to go multi-channel in the expansion modules and not support analog modules. They do have a turntable input but I need tuner and SACD player analogue inputs.

If your setup is digital only or digital and turntable, then the Linn with the upgraded DAC is pretty amazing. The Linn SPACE OPTIMIZATION seems more complicated than the Lyngdorf microphone based approach. Linn says the mc approach is not the way to go. I am sure Lyngdorf, Anthem, Deqx et al would disagree.

The DeqX preamp was one I also looked into but decided it was a little more complicated to setup. You need to take 1 of your speakers to an open area, preferably a backyard, and run some tests on it so the Deqx can be calibrated for the speakers. Then you need to run some calibration in the room where the speakers are going to reside. Too much work for me and I live near an airport.

I also demoed the Lyngdorf integrated and did not like the amp in it, though I liked the preamp section a lot. I thought a separate preamp and amp were the way I would go with room correction. I was also looking at the Anthem STR preamp since it has killer features. However, at the end of the day I found some different electronics that I liked over all the DSP units I heard and decided to scale down my speaker selection so I could use those electronics without DSP.

the 6 channel Linn Majik amplifier appears to be very interesting, appears the amp can have active crossover cards built in? never saw stuff like this.... can be very interesting for tri-amp a 3 way speaker... Will take a look to understand more about this amp
The best unit currently is the Trinnov Amethyst. $11,000 with it's microphone. The microphone is sold separately as Trinnov figures most people will have the set up done by the dealer. No guts not glory. It does have a very nice computer interface. Its bass management is better than most but not as sophisticated as the Tact.