Integrated amps with: multi channels + DSP + phono stage?

Only Trinnov? 

Also would like to know if exists any iintegrated amp with all this + Room correction, and active analog cross over instead of DSP.
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you are right, trinnov is a preamp, anyway, i think my question will never have a reply, because such device do not exist, an multi channel integrated amplifier with phono stage and 3 way active analog crossover built in, neither exists an preamp with phono stage built in with  3 way active analog crossover built in.

Hey Cosmic,

I’ve kind of been looking at your threads. I’m going to give you advice I’m sure you won’t take.

Rather than try and treat your speakers like some sort of board game, you need to invest in your tactile and auditory learning. In other words, stop trying to theorize and grab some parts and learn what you are talking about in your gut.

Given your interests in active crossovers, grab a miniDSP and a tweeter and woofer from somewhere and try making a whole speaker out of it.  Maybe buy the parts for a cheap 2 way kit, but not the crossover.

I promise you, that if you spend a week doing this your questions here or at DIYaudio will be entirely different and
your investment in yourself will be completely worth it.